2013 Disney World Dining Plans

Update: December 31, 2012 – 2013 Dining Plan brochures have been updated, and now include all restaurants listed for the 2012 dining plans. The links below will download the most recent brochures. We may see one more update at some point, though it would only be if additional restaurants are added.

Walt Disney World released their 2013 packages today, including an update to the Disney Dining plans for 2013, which include basically no changes from the 2012 dining plans. Please find below a quick overview of all the available dining plans for Walt Disney World along with a downloadable brochure for each with more in depth information.

Please note, as you look at the brochures, many of the restaurants that will be included for 2013 are not currently listed on the brochures. This happens every year, as the agreements and contracts for non-Disney restaurants are negotiated each year when it comes to inclusion in the dining plans. As 2013 approaches, more restaurants will be included, and the list should be similar to 2012. Updates with additional restaurants or changes will be posted here.

Quick Service Dining Plan

Initially introduced in 2009, this plan has not changed for 2013. The Quick Service dining plan is a fantastic option for park guests who don’t want to be tied to eating at a sit down restaurant each day.

The Quick Service Dining Plan includes, per person, per night of your stay:

  • Two quick service meals
  • One snack
  • One resort refillable resort mug per person per stay

The cost of the Quick Service dining plan is $37.58 per night per adult (10 and older), and $14.32 per child (3 – 9).

Brochure: Disney World Quick Service Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plan

Again, not much has changed from the Disney Dining plan of 2012, except for a small increase in price.

The Disney Dining Plan includes, per person, per night of your stay:

  • One table service meal
  • One quick service meal
  • One snack
  • One resort refillable resort mug per person per stay

Please note gratuities are not included on the table service meals. Table service meals can also be used for signature restaurants, dinner shows, private dining or pizza delivery (these typically run 2 table service meals per person). More information can be found in the brochure.

The cost of the Disney dining plan is $55.59 to $56.94 per night per adult (10 and older), and $17.16 to $18.16 per child (3 – 9). The Disney Dining plan is priced based on your travel dates, and is higher priced during the following peak times:

  • February 14 – 23, 2013
  • March 8 – April 6, 2013
  • May 31 – August 3, 2013
  • December 13 – 31, 2013

It appears as though the cost of the dining plan is based on the day you check in, so if you check in one a date when the Dining plan is the cheaper price, and your vacation carries over into one of the higher priced times, you will pay the lower price for your entire stay.

Brochure: Disney Dining Plan

Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

Again, nothing has changed from the Deluxe Dining Plan of 2012, with the exception of a small price increase.

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan includes, per person, per night of your stay:

  • Three meals, which can be used for either quick service or table service meals
  • Two snacks
  • One resort refillable mug

The policy is the same for table service meals on the deluxe dining plan (gratuities not included, can be used for signature restaurants, etc.). If you use the meal credits towards table service meals, your meal will also include an appetizer for each person, in addition to the entree, dessert and drink.

The cost of the Disney Deluxe dining plan is $99.97 –  $102.27 per night per adult (10 and older), and $26.84 – $28.91 per child (3 – 9). The higher price on the deluxe dining plan will be during the same peak periods as above:

  • February 14 – 23, 2013
  • March 8 – April 6, 2013
  • May 31 – August 3, 2013
  • December 13 – 31, 2013

Brochure: Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

Magic Your Way Premium Package

Again, very little has changed with the premium package, it now includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus two snacks, per person, per night. Available 100 Walt Disney World restaurants (includes tax but not gratuities, unless otherwise noted). More information is found in the brochure below
  • One resort refillable mug per person per stay
  • Unlimited selected recreation, including Golf, Miniature Golf, Water Sports, Archery, Tennis, Guided Fishing Excursions, Cane Pole Fishing, Horseback Trail Rides, Pony Rides, Carriage Rides, Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides, Bike Rental and Watercraft Rental. Some restrictions may apply and advance reservations may be required, and are suggested. More information is found in the brochure
  • One admission per person to Cirque du Soliel La Nouba
  • Unlimited use of Disney Children’s Activity Centers
  • Unlimited admission to selected theme park tours
  • Preferred fireworks viewing areas for Wishes at the Magic Kingdom and IllumiNations at Epcot. (Advance reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance and voucher is required.)

The cost of the Premium package is $189 per night per adult (10 and older), and $139 per child (3 – 9). That is in addition to the standard cost of a Magic Your Way package. There is now a 3 night minimum stay required in order to book the premium package.

Brochure: Magic Your Way Premium Package

Magic Your Way Platinum Package

Similar to the premium package above, the Platinum package is the ultimate in luxury. The Magic Your Way Platinum package is only available at the Deluxe Disney resorts. It includes everything the premium offers, plus:

  • One Disney’s Photopass CD
  • Private in-room child care (4 hour minimum, 6 hour maximum, gratuity is not included)
  • One selected spa treatment per person
  • Fireworks cruise (one per reservation, everyone on your reservation is included)
  • Reserved seating at Fantasmic! (one per person)
  • Nightly turn-down service
  • Personalized pre-arrival itinerary planning
  • Richard Petty Drive along experience
  • Exclusive keepsake (one per room)

The cost of the Platinum package is $249 per night per adult (10 and older), and $180 per child (3 – 9). That is in addition to the standard cost of a Magic Your Way package. There is now a 3 night minimum stay required in order to book the platinum package.

Brochure: Magic Your Way Platinum Package

For all of the packages above, there are a few things to remember:

  • Everyone in your room must be on the same dining plan/package
  • Dining plan credits expire at midnight the day you check out
  • Dining plan credits are based on the number of nights you stay
  • You must purchase the dining plan for your entire stay
  • Dining plan credits and park passes are not transferable

98 responses to “2013 Disney World Dining Plans”

  1. Aiden Avatar

    Why have all the table service resteraunts from downtown disney been removed?

  2. Keith Avatar

    Aiden – Please read the second paragraph above, the highlighted one. Happens every year, they will be added later on.

  3. Caterina Avatar

    Hi, is it possible to know the dates on which free dinning plan is available on next year? Thank you!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Nope. No discounts with Disney are ever a given, let alone free dining. No one ever knows the dates of discounts until they are released officially, so at this point, until we see some discounts for 2013, no one has any ideas of the dates.

  4. robyn lutz Avatar
    robyn lutz

    When will the dates for the free disney dinning plan be available for spring 2013 ?

  5. Keith Avatar

    Robyn – We are not expecting to see 2013 deals until sometime in October, and we are not expecting free dining for Spring, most likely some other package deal will be released.

  6. patricia Avatar

    disney is offering free dining 8-18-13 thru 9-13-13

  7. Keith Avatar

    Patricia – Is that a question or a statement?

    If it is a question, no, Disney has not yet released discounts for 2013 for any dates. If it is a statement, no, they are not.

    1. katrina Avatar

      Hi Keith, I just googled these dates that Patricia quoted and what she is talking about are the bounceback dates offered in mid August. Of course only to people staying in those rooms at that time and long gone. It was bugging me how she came up with them so I checked and thought I would mention it.

      1. Keith Avatar

        Katrina – Yes, thanks for the update. Many people read about an offer online, like the bounce back offer, and just assume it is for everyone. I try only post and talk about offers here that are available to everyone, so as to not cause confusion, or get people’s hopes up.

        I am not a fan of bounce back offers, or PIN code deals, but as long as Disney thinks they are effective, there are here to stay. Thanks again!

  8. Roy Fellows Avatar
    Roy Fellows


  9. J W Kingsbury Avatar
    J W Kingsbury

    Hi Keith,
    the following was cut and pasted from the Disney website, I have just booked Old Key West for next year with the free dining, the same as we had this year,

    “Create family memories to hold onto for a lifetime

    2013 Walt Disney World Florida packages now available – book today for three great benefits!

    Book your 2013 Walt Disney World holiday by 15 November 2012!

    Stay between 01 Jan – 19 Mar 2013 & 07 Apr – 08 Dec 2013 to take advantage of FREE dining for the whole family. You will also receive $100 Disney dollars and can take advantage of 14 days for the price of 7 on park tickets.

    Make your booking for a minimum of 5 nights including tickets, and everyone in the party dines for free for your whole holiday if you book either a Flight inclusive holiday or a Disney Resort hotel and ticket package. Receive Disney Quick (Counter) Service Dining Plan when you stay at a selected Disney Moderate Resort, or receive Disney Dining Plan when you stay at a selected Disney Deluxe Resort.

    Disney Dining Plans offer flexibility and freedom, and with a choice of over 100 dining locations throughout Walt Disney World – all tastes are catered for.

    In addition, book Disney’s 14-day Ultimate Ticket now and receive it for the price of Disney’s 7-day Premium Ticket for all 2013 arrivals”.

  10. Keith Avatar

    JW – Thanks for the info. This is a special deal of UK residents only, they have run it the past 5 years or so. I will have some additional info up on it sometime soon.

    Again, UK residents only, no one else can book it.

  11. Mike & Sally Avatar
    Mike & Sally

    We are Disney veterans. We love the dining plans. I do remember the first time we used them we purchased the deluxe plan with WINE. It was great! The only problem was when we finished one meal it was already time for the next one. We were still full from the first meal; AND half loaded from the wine. Since then we have purchased lesser plans ans stayed sober and didn’t gain as much weight.

  12. Keith Avatar

    Mike – Totally agree. I like the deluxe plan, but really, you need to be eating at a lot of the signature restaurants to make it work well, otherwise, as you said, it is just one meal and onto the next, way too much food. Thanks for the “review”.

  13. Ashley Avatar

    Just by means of an update, does anyone know if free dining is likely to be offered for some time around late April – early May? Or at least when it would be announced if they were offering it? The last couple years I’ve been going in late August – early September, but I’d like to try a different time this year.

  14. Keith Avatar

    Ashley – Very unlikely. We have only seen free dining in May once, in 2011. Must more likely we will see some other discount during that time frame for 2013. Either way, we probably wont’ see it released until early 2013.

  15. jay Avatar

    You are not sounding like free dining will be offered as much in 2013. Are they looking at other types of discounts? Also, we are thinking about early june or late august…either one better chance on getting free dining based on past history?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Jay – Late August. We have seen free dining in late August every year. Some years it has been as early as 8/15, this year it started 8/25. I would think it will be closer to the end of the month for 2013. We have only ever seen free dining in June once, and it was only for the first few days.

  16. Robyn Avatar

    Hi There

    We went last summer, 2012, from August 19-26th with free dining. We would like to go again this summer and are anxiously awaiting them to announce Free Dining for that timeframe again. I can’t remember when it was released last year but I booked it on November 11, 2012

    1. Keith Avatar

      Robyn – Yes, the Canadian resident free dining for 2012 was released right about this time in 2011. We have not heard anything yet if we will see that discount or not, but we rarely hear on free dining, and it just shows up on the disneyworld.ca website one day when it comes available. As soon as I hear anything, I will get something posted.

  17. Dawn Avatar

    We have a family of 5 on the dining plan (4 adult meals and 1 child meal) If we decide to order pizza (2 table service credits per order & we’d probably order two)- will there be any options for the left over child table service meal? Do they have a children’s pizza delivery option too? If we had one left over – could we ever take a child table service meal to go in addition to the 5 of us eating somewhere else one night in order to use that extra one up? Thanks!

  18. Keith Avatar

    Dawn – No kids pizza option. One note on the Pizza delivery, it is only available at certain resorts (value and some moderates).

    Yes, you could take your child’s meal to go one night, of if you happen to have one meal not covered with your plan, you could use it for the child’s meal there. Also, all those resorts that have the pizza delivery have a food court, so you could walk over and just get one kid’s meal and take it back to your room to eat with the pizza.

  19. Dawn Avatar

    One other question…….we are going to Disney over Easter and I am getting mixed reviews from everyone. Some people say if we don’t make an ADR for each of our 7 table service meals – we will not be able to get in anywhere during Easter break and others say to only make a couple ADRs or we will be too tied down to a schedule. Any opinion on that? Thanks again!

  20. Robyn Avatar

    Keith, I am getting antsy…need the free dining offer released. 🙂
    Do you have any predictions? From my research (which admittedly is likely not as good as yours) I believe free dining has been offered in August for the last number of years correct?

    In fact, it was the bounce back offer while we were there this past August but we didn’t take advantage of it and now…kicking ourselves.

  21. Andrew Avatar

    A little peeved with the mouse…we’re planning a spring break trip and looking at pulling the kids out of school a few days early to take advantage of the current Play, Stay, Dine offer. Before pulling the trigger on a reservation I received a free dining PIN code offer in the mail for the same dates…was super excited as this would save an extra $400. I called to make the reservation and was informed this offer was only good for value resorts with the quick dining plan…there was absolutely no mention of this on the flyer. The agent priced it out and the value/quick dining combo was going to be more than the moderate/regular dining combo I was looking at with Play, Stay, Dine.

    I went ahead and booked the original package I was looking at, but am now feeling like I had to pay $400 more than I should have based on the offer I received in the mail. Very deceptive mailer. In the end they got my money, but lost some goodwill in the process.

  22. Keith Avatar

    Dawn – Strongly, strongly suggest to make all your ADRs as early as possible. I guess the choice you have is: would you rather have a place to eat each night, even if it may be a bit out of the way, or would you rather spend most of your day trying to find a place to eat each night. We were there 2 years ago over Spring Break, every single restaurant was full every night, and they all had “bouncers”, if you didn’t have a reservation, you didn’t get in.

    Robyn – Disney has released free dining every year since the dining plans have been released for August – September, however, the August dates have varied from mid-August to the end of August, moving towards starting at the end of the month the last few years. Historically, that discount isn’t released until early April, so you are going to be antsy for some more time.

    Andrew – Get a hold of a decent Disney travel agent, and have them check availability with the PIN, my guess is that you just got a bad CM. They should be able to clarify availability for you, and the rules of the PIN. I suggest Mouseketrips.

  23. Dawn Avatar

    OK Keith…..I really appreciate the advice and PROMISE not to ask you a different question every day, but you seem to know your stuff – I am LOVING this 🙂 So here it is – a couple more and I promise I’ll give it a rest :-)…….We arrive around 2 in the afternoon, figure by the time we get to hotel and check in it could be almost 5….coming from Minnesota in March – I’m sure the kids will want to hit the pool. We don’t want to waste a park ticket that day, but wondering if you think we will feel like dealing with a table service meal, trying to get on a bus or ferry just to eat dinner that first night or are people typically tired, grab a quick service, relax and get to bed to hit it hard the next day! I had an 8pm ADR, but thought if we will have been up since 5am and are getting up early the next day we – should maybe save that table service (like do 2 another day) and just spend our first night relaxing, swimming, maybe order pizza and check out the hotel?????? We are traveling with a 14 year old, 11 year old and a 5 year diabetic (so a little concerned about planning meals)…….Opinion – hit Downtown Disney or something or just hang out at hotel and relax????? My other question is about renting a car…..we plan to spend all our time onsite at parks and hotel, but were thinking of renting a car (on Easter Sunday) and driving to the ocean – figured Disney would be RIDICULOUS that day 🙂 Are there places on Disney to rent a car and with it being Easter week – should we be booking that now? Or a better question….is this a bad time to try and go to the ocean? Thanks again for all your advice – I really appreciate it!

  24. Andrew Avatar

    Thanks, I will give it another try with Disney and then try my luck with a travel agent. I would like your opinion on something else. I just noticed (now that I’m booked of course) that Splash Mountain is scheduled to be closed from January 2nd through March 19th. This news has my stomach churning because this is the kids’ favorite ride, and I’m shocked that they would have such a major attraction closed during the first spring break week. Do you think they are being conservative with the rehab schedule and there’s a chance it will reopen early, or if Disney says it will reopen on 3/20, it will reopen on 3/20 and not a day (week) earlier? Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

  25. Keith Avatar

    Andrew – Disney is usually very conservative, last thing they want to do is have it closed longer than they tell people. Definitely possible it may open early.

    Dawn – My guess is that it will take you less than 30 minutes to check in and get your stuff in your room. I would suggest getting a ticket for that day, it shouldn’t be too expensive. You could always do Downtown Disney and eat there, or head to the Magic Kingdom and eat in one of the resorts there and ride the monorail around a few times.

    There is an Alamo rental place up the Polynesian, they will come pick you up too. That is the only one on property.

  26. Andrew Avatar

    Unpeeved…I called back and spoke with a different CM. She was able to re-book us with the free dining PIN code, which saved me $430. Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that Splash Mountain will re-open early.

  27. Carrie Anne Avatar
    Carrie Anne

    I travel to Disney about every other year ( a few years ago we went 2 in a row ) I have always had free dining in July or another deal, purchase 4 nights get 3 free..I think these were email offers – I am looking to travel in July this year, we take advantage of the July 4th holiday…get an extra dayfor travel..just wondering if I was going to receive an email offer, what usually triggers this…I typically won’t go unless there is a deal…family of 4 – 2 children 18 and 21…Animal Kingdom Lodge…only this resort and Wilderness Lodge have the bunk beds…and I won’t stay at Wilderness Lodge again… I can’t remember when I booked our last trip..

  28. Keith Avatar

    Carrie Anne – PIN codes are usually used by Disney when they feel that they need to book up some additional rooms, but don’t want to release the discount out to everyone. They target certain people they feel are thinking of coming, but need a bit of a push.

    We probably won’t see summer deals, either general public or PIN codes, until sometime next Spring.

  29. Molly Avatar

    Hi Keith – Just found your site and it is super helpful… We are thinking of planning a trip to Disney World this Jan/Feb. We have never been, we live in AZ and go to Disneyland all the time but are wanting to go to WDW this time. I had heard about free dining from friends and was wondering if they are doing free dining during that time since it prob is not peak season. Do you know? I saw another comment on here that someone received a PIN code. Is there a way to receive pin codes even if we have never been before? I have a family of 6 so any discounts will be extremely helpful. Do you have any advice? I noticed there is a play stay dine plan on WDW website right now but I don’t think that is actually free dining. Can you let me know? Thanks!!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Molly – There is not currently a free dining offer available to the public for any dates, and at this point, it is very likely we will not see one again until August/September, 2013. There are currently two discounts available for January/February, the Play, Stay and Dine offer and the Room only offer. Very unlikely at this point we will see a third offer.

  30. Ang Avatar

    Hi. Just reserved at Port Orleans for end of January, 2013 and adult dining plan is being offered for the price of childs. So for $126 per person we got one full week of meals. 🙂

  31. Keith Avatar

    Ang – That would be the Play, Stay and Dine discount, pretty decent deal. Have a great trip!

  32. Joe Avatar

    I know that the Disney Dining plan keeps expanding restaurants, but they are still 17 short on Quick Service Locations and 21 short on Table-Service Meal locations from 2012. Are they still expanding that list now or are they about done since it is November?

  33. Keith Avatar

    Joe – Great question! For 2012, we did not see the final update until 11/2/11, so right about this time last year. The brochures have not been updated since July, so there should be another/final update coming soon.

  34. Lindsay Avatar

    Hi! I’m wondering if Disney will offer free dining plan in November 2013? Probably the 1st full week. Do you know when they would announce it and where? Thanks!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Lindsay – Absolutely no idea. They have extended the August/September free dining the last few years, so I would think it is likely they will do it again for 2013. For 2012, the deal was announced mid-July, I would expect the same timeframe for 2013.

      For dates, check out the 2012 and 2011 discounts for an idea of what dates they included and excluded.

  35. Jason Avatar

    Hey there Keith.

    A Canadian writing here, we booked last year in February, got the free dining plan by staying in a moderate. Looking to book again this year, for the first week of May, probably 8 or 9 days. I HOPE we are offered free dining, but might not be, I know May is a slow time of year, even without free dining its looking like it will be about the same price as free dining was the week of Presidents day weekend in 2012. We didn’t know it was such a busy week for disney.

    Anyway, the question I have is, when do you think they will announce, whatever deal they are going to offer after the end of the Stay and Play offer March 8 and beyond ?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Jason – We probably won’t see additional 2013 discounts until after the end of this year, when the current ones expire. I really doubt though that we will see free dining released to the general public for anytime before August. However, we have seen Canadian resident deals separate from US deals, so watch out for that. Sometimes we post it on our site, sometimes we do not.

  36. heidi Avatar

    Hello~ I’m thinking of taking my 3 boys ages : 13, 13 & 9 to Disney in May! This site is very helpful. I’m wondering if you suggest I book on-line or through a Travel Agency? We absolutely will take advantage of the dining plan. I’m thinking Port Orleans Riverside. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated!

  37. Keith Avatar

    Heidi – I strongly suggest talking to a Disney specialist travel agency. It won’t cost you any more than going through Disney, and most likely, they will save you significant money and can help you in your planning.

    We love Mouseketrips by the way!

  38. heidi Avatar

    Thank-you. I will look into that!

  39. Denise Avatar

    Hi Keith. 2 years in a row we have been lucky and got free dining. Once in mid September and the other the week before Thanksgiving. We are going in September again. Better weather and crowd levels. I already booked. Now waiting and hoping for free dining mid September. Historically will I get some kind of discount even if it is room only and would I have been better off not making a reservation in hopes of getting “pin”?

  40. Keith Avatar

    Denise – Well, we have seen free dining every September since they announced the dining plans like 8 years ago, and until we see a September without free dining, I am just going to assume we will see it every year. If for some reason we do not see free dining, there will be some other discount or two to take its place, so yes, something will come along.

    We have found that if you have a reservation or not, it really doesn’t effect your chance of getting a PIN. I have known plenty of people who have had reservations for months and a PIN code shows up.

  41. CeeCee Avatar

    We’re Canadian and looking at visiting Disney for the week of Sept. 8th. The free dining option at that happens seems a little elusive at this point – when is it made official? How and when do you know if it’s part of the deal of not?

    1. Keith Avatar

      CeeCee – We probably will not see September discounts for another 6 – 8 weeks, so it will be a while.

      Any discount is never automatically part of your reservation. If it is available at the time of booking, you have to ask for it to be applied, or book it correctly online. If it is released after you book, you have to call back and have it applied.

      Consider contacting a Disney Travel agent, they can make sure you get the best deal possible so you don’t have to worry about discounts. We love Mouseketrips, give them a try.

  42. Courtney Avatar

    Hi, I was just wondering about the free disney dining dates for 2013. My boyfriend and I are interested in going to Disney World in August 2013 and were interested in getting the free dining again; we had it last year, August 2012. Do you suspect this will be offered this year for August? Is it already announced, as we booked last year around December. If not, are there any dates announced yet? Thank you!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Courtney – Nothing announced yet. We are expecting it, but that is just a hunch at this point. 2012 free dining was announced March 5, 2012, and are not expecting the 2013 info to be released before that point, and most likely, we will see it later in March or early April.

      Disney never pre-announces discounts, or lets anyone know when they are coming out. We often hear rumors a day or two ahead of time, but nothing is set in stone until the discounts are actually released to the public.

  43. yumi Avatar

    Has anyone ever tried this instead?
    Our family, we don’t eat much at all. In fact, in Disneyland, we usually get 2, quickservice type meals, for 5 people, and thats more than enough. So my question is this… at WDW, get two rooms with one room with quick service and one room without. And maybe the possibility of getting our rooms next to each other?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Yumi – Definitely a possibility. Everyone in the same room must be on the same dining plans, but if you have two rooms on two different reservations, you could do one room with, one room without.

      If you let Disney know you are traveling together, they should get your rooms pretty close to each other.

  44. Ben Avatar

    I am reading in some places about prix fixe menu changes? They are saying that table service restaurants that accept the Dining plan will have items not included in the dining plan or that have a surcharge you have to pay in addition to the table service credit……

    1. Keith Avatar

      Ben – At this point, this is just a fabricated rumor with nothing to substantiate the claims. We have see no such changes, and we do not expect to see any, it would basically kill the dining plans, something that Disney doesn’t want to do.

      Disney does do prix fixe menus on certain days of the year, like Thanksgiving, but other than that, I expect this to just be a rumor that will disappear at some point soon.

  45. JACKIE Avatar

    Looking to book for the end of August. Any release dates as of yet for free dining? Also, what do you recommend for a family of 4 to go in the most economical of ways? We are teachers so we can only go during summer and peak vacation/holidays weeks off. Thanks!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Jackie – We are still expecting August/September free dining this year, they have offered it every year since the dining plans were announced, and we expect that to continue. No idea when it will be announced though. Normally it is in March or April, so probably in the next few weeks we will know for sure.

      The value resorts are going to be the cheapest, of course. If they do release free dining for your dates, make sure you check both value and moderates, as sometimes, they moderates are actually cheaper, as they get a better discount (Disney Dining vs. Quick Service Dining).

  46. Sophie Avatar

    Hi, we are also looking for the release dates for free dining, hoping they will be available sometimes in October or November. Any ideas when we will find out if they will be available or not? Thanks 🙂

    1. Keith Avatar

      Sophie – We are not expecting Fall discounts to be released until sometime this Summer, so you have some waiting to do. Last year, the free dining was announced July 5, if I remember correctly, and I would expect a similar time frame this year.

  47. Kim Avatar

    From your experience, when the free dining plan is offered, do you have to purchase the magic way package (tickets) for the same number of days you are staying?? We were hoping to just hang out at the pool for a couple of days, but I’ve heard that with the free dinin plan you MUST purchase the tickets for all the days of your stay. Let me know if you have any information. Thanks!

    1. Tiffany Avatar

      We do the dining plan often, and it is good for each NIGHT of your stay. Of course, with the Magic Your Way package you are required to purchase park tickets, but the dining plan is per night of your stay….not per days of park tickets. Example: You purchase a package with dining, 4 day tickets, and 7 nights stay. You will get 7 nights worth of dining plan, not 4.

      1. Kim Avatar

        Hi Tiffany – thank you for your comment. I understand what you’re saying, but my question is this – I heard Disney requires you to purchase park tickets for each day of your stay in order to be entitled to the free dining plan (when offered). It seems to be a catch. You get the dining for free but may have to purchase more park tickets than you necessarily want. Does that make sense?? Do you know that to be true??

  48. Keith Avatar

    Kim – The last few years Disney has offered free dining, they have require a minimum 2 day ticket purchase, but that is it for tickets. So, if you are staying 7 nights, you must purchase at least 2 days, but can purchase anything beyond that, they do not need to be the same length as your stay.

    However, consider getting longer tickets. Many people like the idea of a pool day, but they end up wanting to go to the parks for dinner, or their kids get sick of the pool. Just check the price for getting longer tickets, I find it is worth having them.

    1. Kim Avatar

      Thanks Keith – good to know! One last question – do you need a park ticket in order to get into a restaurant within a park?

      1. Keith Avatar

        Kim – Yes, tickets are required to go into the park regardless of why you are going in. There are plenty of restaurants outside the parks on the dining plan that do not require admission.

        1. Kim Avatar

          Thanks Keith. I appreciate your response. The website is great! Very helpful in planning our first Disney trip.

  49. Geri Avatar

    Travel agent is pushing us to go in Sept for the free dining meal- but we wanted to go in October- any good deals from other years experience in October?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Geri – Well, there is no guarantee that we will see free dining in September this year. Likely, but there is never a guarantee with Disney discounts until we see them active and in person.

      September will be less expensive, less crowded and you will have a much better chance at a really good discount. October will be more expensive and more crowded (but better weather), and it is likely there won’t be many discounts. However, the last few years we have seen free dining for a few days here and there in October, and the other dates have offered deals.

      If you can go in September, go then, if not, just book your October trip and hope for a discount.

  50. lesli Avatar

    Just wondering if you think free dining will be offered for the first week of October. I have seen rumors that Disney is doing away with it altogether. That would be very UN-magical for me because that’s the only way we can afford our trip.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Lesli – We are still fully expecting August/September free dining, though I am in the camp that thinks that later Fall free dining (October – December) will not happen this year. To be honest, I thought the same last year, and was wrong.

  51. Michelle Avatar

    Hi Keith,
    I was wondering if there is ever free dining in Novembr? This year we are taking our kids 11/23-11/30.
    Also what is your opinion about The Art of Animation suites? We are thinking about staying there for our Aug/Sept vacation.


    1. Keith Avatar

      Michelle – We have seen free dining in November the last two years, but it is very hit and miss, and anything around Thanksgiving has been excluded. We are not expecting it this year, but that is just a guess, not based on any insider information. I could be totally wrong.

      They are very nice. I think they are too expensive, and hopefully Disney will lower the price a bit in the future, but they are roomy, have two separate rooms, kitchen and living room. Not a bad option if you are looking for some space.

  52. Joni Avatar

    Do you watch http://www.disneyworld.com for the promotions or is there a better site? Do the people who get the promotions in the mail see it before it goes online? I feel like I am waiting so impatiently by the computer and I really hope it pays off….lol.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Joni – No better place than right here at mousemisers.com for Disney discounts. No, discounts are never announced by email or any other way in advance. They are usually just released one morning, sometimes we know the night before, sometimes it is a total surprise.

      If you sign up for our email newsletter, you will be notified of any new discounts as soon as we post them.

      1. Joni Avatar

        Will do….thank you!!!

  53. Hope Avatar

    What is a bounce back offer? We have visited every year for the past 8 years and always receive the meal plan free, but I am unfamiliar with that phrase.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Hope – A bounce back offer is an offer given to you, usually via a flyer in your Disney hotel room, while you are at Disney World. The offer is usually for some time away, like 9 – 12 months, and you must book and pay the deposit before you check out, or do can’t do it.

  54. Hope Slone Avatar
    Hope Slone

    Thank you! I do remember seeing those in the hotel every year.

  55. Dawn Avatar

    Hi Keith,
    One last round of questions before we leave Tuesday……I want to make sure I understand the fastpass…….If we go get in line for Toy Story Mania and the line is reasonable…..can we fastpass it right then and there for later and then get in line and ride it before our fastpass time – come back later and ride it again with the fastpass to be able to ride it twice???? If we want to fastpass Rock -n Roller coaster – do we have to wait until we ride our Tot Story fastpass or at what point can you get a new fastpass?

    Also, if Animal Kingdom opens at 9am (no extra magic hours) what time do we need to be there in line for a 9am opening?

    Last question…….if we leave a park midday and want to come back for our dinner reservation……does the park ever reach capacity and not allow rentry? Would be able to get back in if we have a printed copy of our dinner reservation?

  56. Keith Avatar

    Dawn – Yes, and I do that all the time. Especially if the waits for Fast Pass isn’t too long.

    When you get your fast pass, there will be a time listed at the bottom telling you when you can get another fast pass. It is typically an hour or two hour wait, or whenever you fast pass starts. Once you get one in your hand, it is pretty easy to figure out.

    Even though they open at 9, they typically open the gates earlier than that at AK, around 8:45 or so.

    Yes, the parks reach capacity, but typically only over Christmas. Spring Break week is crowded, but I don’t remember them closing any of the parks that week. If you are staying at a Disney hotel, they only lock you out if it is crazy, kind of the last step.

  57. Jeremy Avatar


    I am booking the Platinum MYW package and was wondering if any of the extras (Cirque tickets, Richard Petty ride along exp., etc…) are good after check-out or does everything expire at midnight on the last day along with the food?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Jeremy – Yes, all the inclusions expire at midnight the day you check out.

  58. Sarah Avatar

    Any word on August free dining?also…where are the special offers located on the Disney world website now?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Sarah – No word, waiting patiently like everyone else.

      We have all the WDW discount listed here in the top left hand corner. On the WDW website, you can find them here, for the moment:


  59. Barbie Avatar

    My Daughter and I make a trip to Disney every other year in October and have always been fortunate enough to take advantage of the free dining plan. I know you have had 1000 questions as to whether it will be offered this year and I am aware that it is unknown at this point, although my fingers are crossed. This year it makes a huge difference as we are currently booked at POR in a Royal guest room but will have to downgrade to either a standard room there or back to our usual All Star Movie resort if it is not offered. My question is if they do not offer free dining are you thinking that they will offer discounted rooms at that time instead? Every little bit helps!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Barbie – Typically free dining in October is just a few days here and there, along with a second discount that is usually room only that covers most or all October dates. If we see free dining again in October, I would expect something similar to that, so if you don’t qualify for free dining, you should qualify for some other deal.

  60. Donna Avatar

    Wow, I’m sure you get sick of being asked for your predictions of the free dining plan BUT I’m still going to ask anyway 🙂 (sorry!) We were able to get free dining September 22-27 2012 and we have re-booked for Sept 21-28 2013. I forget when we booked in 2102 to get the offer but I’m sure it was already done by this time last year. The current special offer promotion of % discount doesn’t end for some time yet so can we assume that there will be no other special offers until that one expires? Thank so much!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Donna – We are still fully expecting free dining for September to be released at some point very soon, in the next week or two.

  61. Lizy Avatar

    Hi, recently I received an email notifying that Walt Disney World has announced it’s annual Disney Free Dining for Disney VISA cardholders only, then it said that the identical offer will be made available for all guests starting on May 9, 2013, without the Disney VISA requirement. My question is, if that offer are for the same dates? Sept.2 – Sept. 25 or for June?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Lizy – Yes, exact same September dates, the only difference will be that you will not need a Disney VISA card to book it, anyone will be able to get the discount.

      1. Michelle Avatar

        Does that mean no free dining in August?

        1. Keith Avatar

          MIchelle – Correct. You can see available travel dates and other info here:


          There was another discount released today that included August dates, I will have all of that information up shortly as soon as I can confirm a few things.

          1. Michelle Avatar

            ok..thanks and cant wait to see those August dates 😉

      2. Lizy Avatar

        I’m still expecting free dining for June to be released soon, like the past year.


        1. Keith Avatar

          Lizy – We WILL NOT see free dining in June, 2013 available to the general public. There have been a few discounts for June already, Disney never releases free dining after other discounts have been released.

  62. Donna Avatar

    Woo Hoo!!!! Just called and added on free dining to our vacation for September!!!!!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Donna – Yah, free food always tastes better.

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