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Florida Resident Wild for 3 Pass

Disney World Wild for 3 Passes

Travel Dates: January 4 – May 24, 2012

Walt Disney World has introduced a new Florida resident 3 day pass, entitled the Wild for 3 Pass. For $99 per person plus tax, you get a 3 day basic park pass to use at the four Disney theme parks. Disney is also offering a Wild for 4 Pass for $129 per person plus tax, which will give you one more day to use. The park passes are base tickets, so one theme park per day. Park Hopping and the Water Park Fun and more options can be added to the tickets for $27.50 per person per add-on (the hopping would be $27.50, the water parks, $27.50.).

The tickets expire May 24, 2012, so you can make multiple trips over a few months on one pass. The tickets are valid any day at any of the Disney theme parks, except during the black out periods. The black out dates are between February 18 – 20, 2012 and April 1 – 13, 2012. The Wild for 3 Passes must be purchased by May 21, 2012.

Proof of Florida residency required at time of purchase and activation. For more information, please see the Wild for 3 Pass page. Walt Disney World is also offering FL Resident room only discounts for some of this time period as well.

71 responses to “Florida Resident Wild for 3 Pass”

  1. Jack Moss Avatar
    Jack Moss

    Grumpy now. Bought 3 day passes as a treat to the family to celebrate my wife and I making it through cancer treatments, only to have Disney launch a “Go Wild” promotion 2 days after I bought the tickets. We’re florida residents. I called the store to see why they wouldn’t mention the upcoming sale (all stores do this), but associate claimed they didn’t know and didn’t even have the tickets (on the 6th?) While we had fun, we’re on a budget saving that nearly $200 bucks on a Florida resident (4 ticket) package would have been nice.

  2. laura Avatar

    Can you buy the wild for 3 pass at the gate, or does it have to be in advance?

  3. Keith Avatar

    Jack – Glad you had fun! I don’t work for Disney, but in their defense, they didn’t know. Disney has so many attorneys, deals like this are never announced in advance, and it is very likely they still don’t have the tickets in hand. I have been told several times that when a deal is released, there are only a handful of people in the entire world that know.

    Laura – My understanding is they have to be purchased in advance, and they send you a certificate to redeem once you arrive on property. I do remember seeing signs for the deal last year above the ticket window, which makes me thing you can buy them at the gate. Let me check on that for you.

  4. Keith Avatar

    Just to follow up, the Wild for 3 Passes are currently available for sale at all WDW ticket windows, so they can either be purchased in advance online or at any Disney World ticket window.

  5. Jennifer F. Avatar
    Jennifer F.

    Are they offering a no expiration option for this ticket and if so what’s the additional cost.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Jennifer – Nope, no non-expiration option, all tickets expire May 24, 2012.

  6. ivy Avatar

    Just wanted to inform you guys that you can also get an additional 3 day at there water parks (blizzard beach or typhoon lagoon) for an additional $30. So that’s 6 days at $130 per person.

  7. Keith Avatar

    Ivy – Yes, the Water Park Fun and More option is $27.50 per person to add on, and gives you three days access to the Disney water parks. If you purchase a Wild for 4 day pass, it is the same cost to add on but you would receive 4 days access to the water parks.

  8. Ron Avatar

    Was wondering if the Wild for 3 pass could be used at all parks? For instance, one day at Epcot, one day at Magic Kingdom and one day at Animal Kingdom. Or do all three days need to be redeemed at same park? Thank you in advance.

  9. Keith Avatar

    Ron – Yes, it is good at all four Disney theme parks. You have access to all four on different days, as you describe, or you can visit all four each day if you add the hopping option.

  10. Fred Avatar

    Do the days have to be consecutive?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Fred – No, the days just need to be used by the expiration date, May 24, 2012.

  11. jacob Avatar

    I’m planning to go to Disney on the march first with my girlfriend, but she’s here on a work via. Can she still get the residents pass as well, and if not what would be another good option for both of us?

  12. Keith Avatar

    Jacob – You should be fine purchasing two of them on your ID. If not, you can get the pass and you would have to purchase your girlfriend a regular ticket.

  13. Britney Avatar

    I’m a little confused, so can someone please clarify this for me? If I purchase the Wild for 3 pass, and then add the water park fun and more option…do I get 3 days at all of the basic theme parks and then an additional 3 days at any water parks as well?

  14. Keith Avatar

    Britney – Correct, the water park days have nothing to do with the theme park days, so if you go to a theme park on day one, then a water park on day 2, you still have 2 theme park days and 2 water park days remaining.

  15. Britney Avatar

    Okay great! Thank you so much!

  16. Kacey Avatar

    I just purchased the 3 day pass for $99 and didn’t see that you could purchase a 4 day pass for an extra $30 until afterwards. Do you know if you can add the 4th day on for the $30 when you get to the park or how that works?

  17. Keith Avatar

    Kacey – You should be fine. Go first thing when you get to WDW, before you go into a park, and stop by a ticket window. Just let them know, shouldn’t be a big deal to add on that extra day.

  18. Patricia Avatar

    Can you go to Magic Kingdon one day and leave the park for a couple of hours and go back to the same park later? Pregnant so I don’t know if I can make it all day at the park might need to take a break and want to go back in the evening.

  19. Keith Avatar

    Patricia – If you do not have the hopping option on the tickets, once you enter a park, that is your park for the day. You can exit and re-enter that park as many times as you want, but you cannot go to a second park that day.

  20. Cindy Avatar

    Do they print your names on the Wild for 3 passes?

  21. Keith Avatar

    Cindy – No, though they do scan your finger prints just like any other Disney pass, so you are not able to share them at all.

  22. ellie Avatar

    can you go to same park 3 times? like magic kingdom all 3 days

  23. Keith Avatar

    Ellie – Absolutely, what you do one day does not effect the following day, so you can do all three in one park, visit three different parks, whatever. You just need the hopping add on if you want to do more than one park in one day.

  24. Malia Avatar

    We’re Texas residents going to visit my parents who are Florida residents. They are coming with us when we go to Disney, but does this mean they can only buy these tickets for themselves? If so, is this per adult (meaning, could they buy one for my 4yr old but not us?) Thanks!

  25. Chris Avatar

    I read somewhere that these tickets include FAST PASS. Is this true ?

  26. Keith Avatar

    Malia – Typically, these tickets require some sort of proof of FL residence to purchase, though I have heard of residents being able to buy extra tickets at the gates. I would just try, worse case, you have to just buy normal tickets at the gate.

    Chris – The Fast Passes are available for free to all park guests, regardless of how they get into the park.

  27. Shannon Avatar

    Hi we are planning a trip at the end of April beginning May. Are tickets still available at park gates?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Shannon – Yes, they will be available at the gates for sale until May 21.

  28. Rachel Avatar

    Was wondering if i could buy a 3 day wild pass can my daughter, my boyfriend, and i use that and just go once? Or do i have to purchase 3 3-day passes?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Rachel – Each person will need their own park pass.

  29. Sara Avatar

    With the Wild for 3 Pass can we opt to go to two parks the first day and one park the second day? We do not want to purchase the park-hopper option. I am asking because we have two young kids and we will not be able to visit WDW for three days during a 4 to 5 month period.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Sara – Nope. You must have the hopping to go to more than one park in a day. Without hopping, you are limited to the one park, all the parks are connected, they know where you have been each day.

  30. Allie Avatar

    My Mom is a Florida Resident and wants to buy the Wild for 3 pass for $99. We are planning to go to TL/BB in the morning and MK for the evening on Day one. On Day 2 back to MK. But We won’t have a chance to use Day 3 before it expires. Can she use Day 3 for the TL/BB entry rather than buy the Water Park add-on?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Allie – No, the days are only good for the four theme parks, you must have the water park add/on to go to the water parks.

  31. David Avatar

    Keith, I recently purchased the wild for 3 passes and the names are printed on the back of the ticket at the bottom. Also, WDW guest services is telling us that you have only 14 days from the first day of use until they expire. However, I have found nothing on the web to document that claim.

  32. Keith Avatar

    David – Normal tickets expire 14 days from first use, the Wild tickets expire May 24 regardless of when the first day of use is. I would double check with guest services, sounds like someone just reverted to their standard ticket expiration speil.

  33. Nicole Avatar

    Asking for a follow up on Kacey’s question. I was wondering if I purchase the 3 day but change my mind and want to upgrade if I can. Thanks!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Nicole – Do you mean like you buy the 3 day but then decide you want the 4 day? You should be able to upgrade no problem at any ticket window, but you must do it before you use your last day.

  34. Cindy Avatar

    Just to be clear – If I purchase these tickets online today, I will be able to pick them up at the Will Call window tomorrow? It says a certificate is sent in the mail but I would like to use the tickets tomorrow so don’t want to wait for mail delivery.


    1. Keith Avatar

      Cindy – You can purchase them at any ticket window at Disney World, just do that, then you won’t have to worry about a thing.

  35. Paul Avatar

    I want to buy the wild for 3 tickets. But I’m a new Florida resident. I can prove my residency, but my wife and 19 year old daughter have not switched over their driver’s licenses yet. I’m also buying a ticket for my 15 year old and 8 year old. If I pay for four adult tickets and one child on line and pick them up at the gate with my ID, and not mention that two of the tickets are for individuals over 18, will I ever have any problems getting us all into the park with the wild for 3 passes?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Paul – Absolutely no idea. I know that technically, all adults should have proof of FL residency, though I am not sure how picky they are at the ticket windows in a situation like yours. Sorry!

  36. Camila Avatar

    Just to be clear the pass can be used for three days consecutively right?
    Also, if I buy them in advance will the certificate arrive by email or by regular mail?

  37. Keith Avatar

    Camila – Yes, you can use the tickets on consecutive days.

    Honestly, no idea, the online purchase page is now gone, so I can’t check on that. I would just buy them at the gate, no reason to buy online now and have to worry about getting the certificate.

  38. Kalie Avatar

    My aunt and uncle are FL residents. Can they purchase 3 extra wild for 3 passes for non-FL residents to use (myself and parents)? Also, at the gate when presenting your pass/ticket for entrance is ID required?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Kalie – Technically, the tickets are supposed to be for FL residents only, and proof of residency is usually required at the time of purchase and at activation. I have never seen them ask for ID at the gate, though I am unsure if they ask for ID for everyone at the time of purchase (doubtful).

  39. Cindy Avatar

    We are FL residents and will be in Orlando starting June 2, 2012. Will you be haveing the 3 days for $99 in that time period? If not, are there any other FL residents deals? Thank you

    1. Keith Avatar

      Cindy – Very doubtful, Disney rarely does FL ticket deals during the summer, no need to, the parks are packed.

      There is a FL resident discount on hotels for your dates, and if you book a package, FL residents do get one day free on their tickets, so if you buy a 4 day ticket, you only pay for a 3 day.

      June Florida Resident Discounts

  40. Cindy Avatar

    Hi I booked the hotel and bought the tickets for the 3day pass but as I am checking the weather it says 40 % rain on the whole week that I am going May 1-May 5. I just wanted some advice on what should I do because I am also traveling with a nine month old baby. Will I be able to re-enter to the park and the parking ? ( I heard parking cost about $15 a day) Also is there places in Disney to wait out the rain if it does rain?

  41. Keith Avatar

    Cindy – No reason to even worry. Most of the rides in the parks have indoors queues, most rides are inside, there are plenty of places to wait if it is raining and honestly, it rains most days at Disney World, it is likely you won’t even notice it much.

    Yes, you can exit and re-enter the parks and parking lots, though really, I doubt you will have to. With the baby, there are really nice baby care centers in each park, find those first, I can promise you will want to take advantage of them, rain or shine.

  42. Lisa Avatar

    We bought the Florida residents 3day pass. We thought we would have no problem using them. However, it looks like we will have only used one day before they expire on May 24. Is there any way to take what’s left and add it toward a year weekday pass, annual pass, or seasonal pass?? Thanks!

  43. Keith Avatar

    Lisa – No, these tickets expire May 24, and are not transferable to any other park pass.

  44. Amanda Avatar

    I purchased Wild for 3 and added an extra day. We used 2 days a few months ago and are finishing up our remaining days this weekend. Can I add park hopper to the remaining 2 days? Would it be prorated?
    Also, If I add the water park option would I have to use those days before the end of May?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Amanda – I think you should be able to add it on still, just take your ticket to any guest services window. It will not be pro-rated. These tickets expire May 24, and that means all parts expire, including the water park entrances.

  45. jorge Avatar

    Can i add a 4th day after using my 3 days?


    1. Keith Avatar

      Jorge – Nope, these are three day tickets only, no additional days may be added.

  46. jorge Avatar

    can one purchase a season pass at the ticket office @ wdw and do the monthly payment plan?


    1. Keith Avatar

      Jorge – According to the website – “At this time, Annual Passes can be purchased under the Monthly Payment program online or in person at a Walt Disney World Theme Park Ticket Window.”

  47. Dan Avatar

    We bought and used the Wild for 4 pass in March. We were told that we could get an additional 4 days for the same price that would not expire until December. We were also told that we had till June to make that decision. How do we get that upgrade and what is the real deadline for making this upgrade?

  48. Keith Avatar

    Dan – I am unaware of any other FL pass, this is the only one that has been available this year, and it expired a few days ago.

  49. Dan Avatar

    Keith, It was the Wild for 3 pass, we added the 4th day and park hopper. When we picked up the pass at WDW we were told that we have until June to add 3 or 4 more days to the pass, those added days would be good for the rest of the year. Was i told incorrectly? Could I have misunderstood (my kids understood the same thing)? Could this be an un-announced special for residents?

  50. Keith Avatar

    Dan – No idea. I know there are not any un-announced deals for FL residents. Either you misunderstood, were told incorrectly or you purchased a different kind of pass. I would suggest taking your tickets you purchased to a ticket window and explain to them what you were told to see if they can get to the bottom of it.

  51. Elizabeth Avatar

    Hi, We bought the 3 day pass.. and only used ONE day out of the 3.. i know its passed the deadline. but we were told that if we couldnt make it before may24 that we can pay extra to re activate the rest of the 2 days we never used… so my question is… is there anything we can do so we can use the rest of the days?? we have 2 adults, that were used just one day … and 2 children that were NEVER used at all.. THANK YOU >

    1. Keith Avatar

      Elizabeth – No idea. I was told these tickets would expire in May no matter what. You are probably going to have to take the tickets to a ticket window or guest services at the parks and ask them directly.

  52. Sonia Avatar

    Hi, any news on whether they will have the wild for 3 pass again in 2013? Do they do something similar for Florida residents every year, or was this a one-time special? Thanks!

    1. Dan Avatar

      Sonia, we’ve used this pass for the last three years, I suspect they will repeat in 2013.

  53. Keith Avatar

    Sonia – Typically it is announced until the day it is released, so we won’t hear anything for sure until probably early January. But as Dan said, they have done it the last few years, should continue next year too.

  54. stephanie Avatar

    Does anybody know if Disney is going to offer the wild for 3 passes again in 2013

  55. stephanie Avatar

    Nevermind I just saw the last few comments

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