2012 Fall Disney Free Dining

Travel Dates: September 30 – December 20, 2012.

Update August 1, 2012: Disney has changed the available travel dates, and has added some dates in December, including check in dates through December 20, 2012.

Walt Disney World has announced a new round of the Disney Free Dining discount for the travel dates listed above. This is the same discount released to Disney VISA cardholders a few days ago, and is now available to everyone, a Disney VISA card is no longer required.

Not all nights are included however, you must check in on one of the following available dates:

  • September 30 – October 4, 2012
  • October 19 – November 1, 2012
  • November 9 – 15, 2012
  • November 23 – 29, 2012
  • December 10 – 20, 2012

Please note that in order to qualify for the free dining offer, your must check in on one of the available dates above. Your stay can extend outside of the available dates, you will still receive the free dining for your entire stay. Availability is extremely limited, and not all resorts may be available. You cannot check in before an available date and receive the discount, it is all or nothing, and the only day that matters is the day you check in.

Guests staying at a Disney World Value resort will receive the Quick Service Dining Plan for free. Guests will be able to upgrade to either the Disney Dining plan or the Deluxe Disney Dining plan by paying the price difference. The Walt Disney World value resorts include All-Star Sports, All-Star Music, All-Star Movies, Pop Century and Art of Animation.

Guests staying at a Disney World Moderate, Deluxe or Deluxe Villa resort will receive the Disney Dining Plan included for free. Disney World guests at moderate, deluxe and villa resorts will also be able to book the “Free Dining”, and upgrade to the Disney Deluxe Dining for the normal price difference.

Availability is extremely limited, and must be booked by September 29, 2012. It appears that all suites, campsites and 3 bedroom villas have been excluded from this offer, as well as the standard Little Mermaid rooms the new Art of Animation Resort. All other Disney resorts, including the family suites at All-Star Music and Art of Animation, as well as the other value resorts are included in the offer. There are a few requirements:

  • Three night minimum stay required
  • Maximum stay of 14 nights is allowed per reservation
  • You must also purchase a minimum 2 day basic park pass per person per reservation to qualify.

To book this special Disney World “Free Dining” vacation package, please contact our great sponsor Mouseketrips.

95 responses to “2012 Fall Disney Free Dining”

  1. Ashlee Avatar

    Any idea if its live on the website yet?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Yes, it is listed and live on the WDW website.

  2. Ashlee Fort Avatar
    Ashlee Fort

    I got it! Bay Lake Tower for Dec 10th! YAY! Thanks Keith! We are so excited!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Ashlee – Love BLT, enjoy!

  3. Karen Avatar

    I was planning a vacation Oct. 7th to 14th (I have already book air line tickets)
    Would like to know if it’s possible to book Oct 4 to 14th to get free dining but
    not arrive until Oct. 7th? Is it possible to book in on line on Oct. 4th?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Karen – Nope, that won’t work. When you don’t show up on the 4th, Disney will cancel your reservation and keep all your money. Without changing your dates, you are just going to have to hope for an alternate discount to be released.

      1. Karen Avatar

        Thanks Keith
        Do you think there will be alternative dates offered

        1. Keith Avatar

          Karen – Unfortunately, last year, October was skipped over, they didn’t offer a room only deal until November dates. It was a surprise, we had never seen that before for Fall dates. So, I would think so, but based on last year, it is possible that we may not.

  4. Lis Avatar

    Thanks for the great advice and timely update on the dining discount. I’m booked for 8D/7N at Port Orleans’s Royal Room. Looking forward to the trip !

  5. Rebekah Avatar

    I have already booked a package for Nov 12-16 but it is a Little Mermaid Standard room. If I call Disney back, do you think I would be able to change to a different resort so that I can get the free dining?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Rebekah – Yes, you can call and change to another value or moderate resort and have it applied for you. Check moderates too, it may not be much more.

  6. Casie Avatar

    Keith, we are booked for nov 7-13 so we aren’t arriving during the dates. I’ve had friends tell me they have gotten away with this and still have been granted their free dining. Have you heard of this? Oh and Karen I have had friends book a day in advance and arrive a day after and their room is still held for them.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Casie – Nope, never heard of it, Disney is very strict with their dates. Just doesn’t happen.

      Official Disney policy is that if you don’t show up on your check in date, your reservation will be cancelled and there will be no refund. It may be possible to call and say you are coming the next day and get away with it, but no way you delay it for a few days.

      1. Karen Avatar

        I thought if I just paid the extra 3 nights Oct. 4, 5 & 6. I would arrive Oct. 7th
        that Disney would accept this and offer the free dining?
        Is this possible?

  7. Debbie Avatar

    Karen- I’m sure this comment might make you a little angry but………
    Realzing that you really want the free dining, but wondering if it is really worth all the hassle and crossing your fingers that someone just might bend the rules. If you are paying for 3 extra nights and not using them, isn’t that wasting some of the money you would be saving for dining as well as blocking rooms that another family might want? Wondering too if you are using Magical Express and how you would book that when you didn’t arrive on the first day of your reservation. I’m sure there are all kinds of stories from people having exceptions, but really is it worth the gamble of not showing up on Oct. 4th and losing your entire reservation and money???? You could take the money spent on the extra days (and possible transportation to/from airport) and still eat at a really nice sit down or two. I really do sympathize with you……….and maybe I shouldn’t have put a response, but as a person who feels like policies are in place for a reason………and after seeing that Keith has said nicely this won’t work……….maybe you should start figuring a different way to save up money for the dining you want.

  8. Keith Avatar

    Karen – Just doesn’t work that way. They have black out dates and discounted dates for a reason. They discount dates to book up more rooms and black out dates because those nights don’t need any help. If you qualify for a discount, you can get it, if you don’t you can’t. Pretty simple.

    Debbie – Thanks for the note, and I agree, why risk a couple thousand dollars just to try to get free dining for a few nights, hoping Disney will make an exception for you when they don’t do it for anyone else?

    The one thing I have found in doing this for 10+ years, the exceptions never turn out to be actual exceptions. Most of the time, people just misunderstand what they are getting or what they are paying for. They may think they are getting free dining for non-qualifying dates, but in reality, they qualified for some other discount, and never do the math.

  9. Carol Avatar

    We were thinking of making a Disney trip in late Jan/early Feb 2013. In your experience, does Disney ever offer free dining during that time period?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Carol – Yes, they offered free dining during limited dates in both 2011 and 2012. No idea if they will continue it for 2013.

  10. Kristen Avatar

    Hi Keith! I have already booked a trip from Nov 1-9, but purchased my park tickets separately through my brother who is a cast member. (I do not currently have a dining plan on my reservation.) Do I just call and have them add the dining plan onto my reservation? Or would I have to purchase park tickets through Disney directly in order to qualify for the free dining plan? Thanks!

  11. Keith Avatar

    Kristen – In order to get free dining, you have to have a package that includes your hotel room, minimum 2 day park passes and the dining plan. To qualify, you will need to add the additional tickets for everyone to your room to make a package.

  12. Joan Charnews Avatar
    Joan Charnews

    We currently have reservations at the Saratoga Springs Resort, 2 bedroom villa, arriving on November 22 and leaving Nov. 30. We were told by our travel agent that we cannot get the free dining package for November 23, since the resort says you must have a min. 2 day stay and that our package for free dining will not start until the 24th. So we have two separate reservations, one for Nov. 22 and 23, then another booking for Nov. 24 – Nov. 30. It seems to me that since we are there on the 23, we should still get the free dining for that date. In addition, when we set up the reservation, in Feb., we had one cost, not that we have to have two separate reservations to include free dining, the cost has gone up $80 for us. We are totally confused and seems that this is totally unreasonable, since we are there on the 23rd.

  13. Keith Avatar

    Joan – It shouldn’t cost more, or it isn’t much of a discount. The only way it could cost more is if you purchased tickets with your first two nights stay.

    I just checked, there is availability at Saratoga Springs starting November 23, no idea why your agent didn’t start until 11/24. Definitely call back, have them add the first night to your reservation. I would just book a one night room only reservation for 11/22, then check into your package on 11/23. That should save you considerable money.

    If you have any problems, let me know.

  14. rose Avatar

    i live in the UK, would i be able to book this deal.

    my flight arrives on the 27th September. would i be able to book a few extra nights at the same resort then on the 30th september start the free dining?
    do you think i’ll be able to pick up my disney passes on the 27th as i would be paying extra for the extra days.

  15. Marcio Avatar

    Hi, Keith ! This is Márcio, from Brazil, again. I´m so glad, because I´got the free dining plan on December ! Could you clarify a doubt for me, please ? I stay on pop century from 12/11/2012 to 12/21/2012. If I have dining plan remaining after checkout, can I use it on 12/22, for instance ? Thank you !

  16. Keith Avatar

    Rose – Yes, you can book this, though you may need to use a US based travel agent, not really sure on that. You would need to do 2 reservations, one for the first few nights, one for September 30 and beyond. You need to buy your park passes with the September 30 reservation to qualify for free dining, so either you will need to purchase additional tickets for the first few days, or just not go the parks.

    DIsney was running a system where you could get your tickets up to three day early, but we have heard that has been stopped for now, so no, you will not be able to get them early, you get your tickets when you check in for your package on the 30th.

    I would suggest you contact Mouseketrips, they will be able to walk you through all the options and get you prices.

    Marcio – Yah! All of your dining credits are good until midnight the day you check out, so if you check out the morning of December 22, your credits will be good that entire day, but they will all be gone the next morning.

  17. Marcio Avatar

    Thanks, Keith ! Your information was very precious ! Have a nice day !

  18. Joanne Avatar

    Hi! I’m looking to book the free dining from Nov 29 – Dec 6 at All Star Movies. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about Mickey’s Very Merry Christimas Party…other than the parade and hot chocolate you get, is it much different than the regular evening Extra Magic Hours? I’ve read on the Disney site that there is the lighting of the castle and a fireworks show, but is that similar to the Wishes fireworks every night? Being that this is an extra cost ( family of 5), is this something that we should not miss? Any other holiday events/places you would recommend? Thanks! I appreciate any guidance you can give us.

  19. Keith Avatar

    Joanne – Yes, definitely more than the Extra Magic Hours. I think it is something everyone should do once, but if price is an issue for you, I wouldn’t consider it a “not miss”. Everything they do is unique the party; parades, fireworks, show, snow on main street, etc. Really cool, really fun.

    Also, don’t miss the Candlelight Processional in Epcot and the Osborne Family Christmas lights in Hollywood Studios. I also like to take a little time to visit some of the deluxe resorts to check out the trees and decorations.

  20. Jeanette Avatar

    Does anyone know why the first week in November is excluded? 🙁 We miss it by 2 days.

  21. Bev Avatar

    Does the free dinning apply to people with vacation club or is it only for regular room rentals.

  22. Keith Avatar

    Jeanette – The excluded dates are already booked up enough for Disney, no other reason why it would be excluded.

    Bev – It is open to anyone who books a package that includes your WDW hotel, WDW tickets and the dining plan. Using DVC points would exclude you from the free dining, as you aren’t booking a room or tickets. I know plenty of DVC members who don’t use their points and book the free dining as it is such a good deal.

  23. Heather Avatar

    Hi Keith! You have great information!

    We are planning a trip to Disney in early Feb of 2013. In the past they have had free dining offers for this “slow time” of year. If they have free dining for this time in 2013, when do the discounts usually show up? Late fall? Thanks!!

  24. Keith Avatar

    Heather – We have seen free dining during the early part of the year during 2011 and 2012, no idea if we will see it again for next year. If we do, it probably wont’ be released until this current deal runs out, Disney rarely overlaps package deals like that. This deal runs through September 29, so probably not until sometime after that.

  25. Barb T Avatar
    Barb T

    I booked a disney world trip in Feb of 2012. We will be there Dec 9 thruDec 15, can you tell me if the free dining package is available for this time. We are staying at the all star music resort. Thank you so much!!!

  26. Keith Avatar

    Barb – Nope. You must check in on an available date, and December 9 does not work. If you look at the list above, you can check in December 10 to qualify, but not the 9th. You have two options:

    1. Change your dates to check in December 10 or later.
    2. Do a room only reservation for 12/9, and start your package on 12/10.

  27. Barb T Avatar
    Barb T

    If we start our package on the 10th will the free dining run the length of our stay. And we booked with the regular dining plan. Since we are staying at a value resort free dining offers the quick service plan, how much is to upgrade to the plan we already booked.

  28. Keith Avatar

    Barb – The dining plan is all or nothing, you can’t book it for part of your stay, and you can’t get it free for part. As long as you check in on an available date, and November 10 qualifies as an available date, you get it free for your entire stay.

    The upgrade cost is about $17 per night per adult 10 and older, and $3 per night per child, roughly.

  29. Vanessa Avatar

    Does Disney ever offer free dining during Dec 20 – Jan 1st? We’d love to come for Christmas but have found the prices are higher. We have come in September or October to get free dining the past three trips. Now the little one is starting school and we have to travel when they are on break. Thanks!

  30. Sonya Avatar

    Thanks Keith,

    I have to say that you get information out quickly. i just changed my reservations from Dec. 15 to Dec 13 to get the free dining. I actually upgraded so we could get table dining.

    Again thanks Keith for getting information out to us.

    Act quick because it is running out. I was on the phone for 15 minutes. Go Disney

  31. Chris Avatar


    In answer to your question of, “Does Disney ever offer free dining during Dec 20 – Jan 1st?”… Unfortunately this isn’t a time frame where Disney needs to offer discounts, so they don’t. This is a very busy (and more costly) time to visit Disney as they even have upcharges on some dining etc. Also the crowds are very high during these times. I’d avoid this time frame if you can.

    I hope you can find something else that will work…

  32. Keith Avatar

    Vanessa – As Chris said, we rarely see discounts over Christmas. We do see some running up to Christmas, but it will not be free dining this year, probably a room only discount of some sort. It is super crowded, and the most expensive time of the year.

  33. Brian Avatar

    In response to Heather – We have the same plans as you for an early Feb visit. Free dining offer for this past Jan thru March 2012 period came out in mid-August 2011, I believe right after the fall free dining offer was announced. So I hope to hear an announcement soon. We’re about to book a room only reservation in anticipation and set up our dining reservations at the 180-day mark.

  34. Brian Avatar

    Keith – following up on my above comments about a room-only reservation. If free dining is offered I figure to stay at a Port Orleans resort, but if it isn’t, I’m looking at Art of Animation (Mermaid standard room) to save on cost. Am I better off booking the room only at the new A of A resort figuring it is popular and more likely to book up first and easier to get an available PO room at the later date? A of A standard rooms are not included in the current free dining offer.
    Question #2 – Any ideas on the Fantasmic show schedule for Feb 1 thru 9? I want to book a Fantasmic dinner package at Mama Melrose’s and fit it in on our dining itinerary that we will be booking soon. I imagine shows will be limited in the less-crowded season, but would Sunday & Thursday be our best bet for shows based on past years? We missed the show in April ’09 because there were only 2 shows the week we were there and it didn’t fit in our schedule. Thanks for any insight you may have!!

  35. Keith Avatar

    Brian – Spring 2012 free dining was released at the same time as Fall 2011 free dining, it was one discount. Obviously it didn’t happen this year. If we see it again for next Spring, it isn’t likely to be released until this discount expires, so end of September.

    I wouldn’t expect to see the Little Mermaid rooms included in discounts for some time. They are brand new, not even open yet, and are basically booked up already at full rate for much of early 2013. Personally, I would book a package at Art of Animation, and adjust from that if needed.

    Usually, the Fantasmic package isn’t released for booking until a few months after the 180 day point, so no hurry there. I would call Disney dining to see what they are booking now, and keep checking back. Make an alternate reservation now, and try to book the package later. February park hours are out now, as is the Fantasmic schedule. It is currently scheduled for every night of your stay.

  36. Crissy Avatar

    Can you tell me if we booked our hotel reservation (Nov 28-Dec3) thru a cast member family discount, are we eligible for the free dining? We haven’t purchased park tickets yet, but plan to..

    1. Keith Avatar

      Crissy – Nope. You must book a “full price” package including tickets in order to qualify for free dining. Any other discount like cast member, annual passholder or any discount excludes you from free dining, you cannot combine deals, it is one only at a time.

  37. Tony Avatar

    Any news on the Be Our Quest reservations? I have heard “late August” but check every day , a couple of time a day. We are staying at PO Riverside from Nov 9 – 18th and are hoping to get lucky with the rest. opening .

    Thanks in advance.

  38. Keith Avatar

    Tony – They have not yet announced a day. They should do so a few days ahead of time, so it won’t come as a surprise.

    I am hearing early December for grand opening, but who knows, could be earlier than that. We should know exactly when opening is once they announce the reservation date.

  39. Mindy Avatar

    We missed free dining by two days. Going with friends who got a discount and we have already booked dining together. Is there any chance a room discount might open up for days that were not included on the dining discount? We arrive Dec. 8th. Thanks!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Mindy – Yes, we are fully expecting some other discount for Fall dates. Last year, there was a room only discount for most Fall dates released after free dining was released, we are expecting the same type scenario this year.

  40. Mike Avatar

    We are traveling 11/27-12/4. I saw that fantasyland expansion’s grand opening is Dec 6 but there are previews starting mid November. Does that mean the new attractions would be open during our stay?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Mike – Yes, should be mostly open. During previews, the rides/restaurants are usually open like normal, but can close really at any time. They use previews to test rides, make adjustments, etc. Chances are, you will see everything, it just won’t be officially open yet.

  41. Tony Avatar

    Hello Keith,

    I have heard alot about a soft opening.
    We are boked for Nov 10 – 18th. One day short of the preview. Any chance of them doing a soft opening to catch any of our dates?? Even if it is to walk around the new areas. We were really hoping when they said holidays, they were going to hit our dates. 🙁

    Any info would be great.

  42. Keith Avatar

    Tony – Probably not. It is pretty rare for Disney to announce a preview period, that is basically going to be the soft opening. While I guess it is possible we may see a few of the areas open before 11/19, I really think it is doubtful. Guess we will see.

  43. Charlene Avatar

    Could you please break down the diffenece in cost if you upgrade from fee dining to Deluxe Dining. There will be two adults we are planing on going 11/13/12-11/20/1. Thank you

  44. Keith Avatar

    Charlene – To go to the deluxe plan, it is about $34 per person per night to upgrade.

    1. Charlene Avatar

      Thank you for responding. It was very helpful.

  45. Annette Kaczmarek Avatar
    Annette Kaczmarek

    Hi Keith,

    My husband and I will be traveling to Disney October 8th – October 18th. We miss out on free dining. Any chance the buy 5 nights get 2 free deal might come available or any other hotel discounts. We already made reservations at Pop Century.

  46. Keith Avatar

    Annette – We are expecting something, yes, however, 2011 was very similar to this, with free dining for some dates, but Disney didn’t ever release another discount for October, only for November and December. So, only time will tell if we see something or not.

  47. Annette Kaczmarek Avatar
    Annette Kaczmarek

    Hi Keith,

    Wondering if the Travel Agencies find out the Disney deals b4 they are made public. Wondering if I should contact them and see if they know of any deals for the time we are there. 10/8 – 10/18.

  48. Keith Avatar

    Annette – Nope. Sometimes, agencies (and us) find out about deals a day in advance, maybe two, but honestly, that is very rare, and usually only for the big deals. Disney is very secretive, they just don’t let any info out.

    In fact, most cast members aren’t even aware of many of the discounts until a while after they are released. Honestly, you are just going to have to wait and see.

  49. Annette Kaczmarek Avatar
    Annette Kaczmarek

    Thanks for the quick response Keith. So you suggest that I keep checking the Disney website daily. Is that where any deals would be announced?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Annette – Most likely, any October deal is going to be a room only deal, which likely won’t make it to the front page initially. Just check back here, we post all the deals as soon as they are released. If you want, there is an email box on each post, it says “subscribe”. Just put your email address in there, you will be notified of any new discounts by email.

  50. M Peterson Avatar
    M Peterson

    Many members of our family have separate reservations booked with Disney at one of the hotels that qualifies for the free dining pln. Their check in date is
    Nov. 5th and check out is Nov. 12th. They will all be attending a wedding in the area. I see that is a week the free dining is not being offered. Is there ANY WAY that it could be approved? Right now they are really thinking of canceling the reservation if they can not get it. Please advise.

  51. Keith Avatar

    Absolutely not. Disney is super strict on deals like this, in fact, their system won’t even let them override the deal. Disney discounts certain dates because they need more booking for those dates. Other dates are not discounted because they are full enough, so they just don’t make alterations to what they make available. Either you make it work for you, or you pay the price available. We may see some other deal for those dates, but no idea what it will be or when it may be released.

  52. angela Avatar

    Hi Keith,
    My family is planning on going to DW 12/15 and checking out 12/20th. If I get the free dining plan, then does that mean I have all of the 20th, until basically 11: 59 pm to eat for free? Also I have a temperamental and overactive 4 year old so even if we go for sit down meals, is it possible for me to just sit down and eat by myself and then ask for my husband and son’s meals to go? Or can we order 3 dinners from a sit down restaurant as carry out, and not have to pay tip? Also is it better to also rent a car even though we are flying in and staying at a DW hotel? I have a 4 year old and I don’t know how long it will take to wait for buses to take us from hotel or park to another hotel for one of those sit down meals? for example, if we go from animal kingdom to Boma restaurant, how long by disney buses to get there, and then from Boma to whatever DW hotel we are staying at? Sounds like a hassle. Also is the Disney Dining plan even though free worth it if only 2 adults and a 4 year old who may not want to even go inside the restaurant and sit down and eat? Or should I just skip it and stay off site?

  53. Keith Avatar

    Angela – With the dining plan, whether free or not, your credits are good until midnight the day you check out. Disney is very good about kids, you will be surprised how well he does.

    You can order your food to go, though not sure where you will go. Honestly, they deal with overactive and loud kids 24/7, you will be there with other families just like you.

    I never rent a car anymore, no reason to. The bus system is really good, and really easy to use. We rented a car two trips in a row, and never got it in once we got to WDW, so I don’t bother any more. From AK Park to AKL, it is about a 3 – 5 minute ride. The one downside, there are no resort to resort buses, so going from Boma, you would need go to a park or Downtown Disney and switch buses. That is pretty rare for me, I only do that maybe once per trip, if that.

    What is a hassle is having to park a half a mile from the gate and having to wait for the shuttle to come pick you up, then remembering where your car is.

    Yes, dining even at full price is worth it. Really, just deal with the meals, your child will be fine.

  54. angela Avatar

    Also are there only a certain number of free dining plans offered? For example, if we stay at the Port of Orleans hotel Riverside, do they only offer free dining for 50 % of the rooms or for all of the rooms at that hotel? Also is there any chance that the week of December 15 will be slow? I am hoping that some people wont go during that week considering the mythical dec 21 Mayan date. I don’t believe in that stuff, but I planned on us coming home Dec. 20 th just in case.

  55. Keith Avatar

    Angela – Only a certain number of rooms at each resort are discounted each night, not all the rooms. Yes, the week of December 15 will be pretty slow, that is why they are offering free dining, it is empty right now. Uhh, the Mayan end of the world has nothing to it, plus, I would much rather die in Disney World than anywhere else. Most school are in their last week, so people don’t like missing that week of school, it is just a quite time.

  56. Bev Avatar

    Your awesome Keith. You have all of the answers.

  57. angela Avatar

    Keith, thanks for quick response. I just asked my kid who he would rather see, Mickey or Harry Potter, and he said Harry ! I, on the other hand, have never seen DW during Christmas and am excited. I would like to die at DW also if it was the end of the world, but the airfare going back home to D.C. cost more on a Friday and Saturday night so since we’re more likely 99.9% going to all live, I put in for a departure for Thursday b/c it’s cheaper! Also since my kid is a very light eater, could it be possible for example during a table service to not order a meal for myself and just eat his meal and then save up my credits to eat at the fancier 2 dining credit restaurants?

  58. Keith Avatar

    Angela – The kids meals are tiny, meant for kids under 10. You can’t use kids credits towards adult meals, so no use saving up the kids credits.

  59. Katie Avatar

    All I see for free dining states 6 nights/7 days. I can’t find the 3 day anywhere.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Katie – On the Disney website, Disney attorneys require them to put a number of nights/days in there, so they can say something like “That’s a savings of $701!”. This has nothing to do with the requirements of the discount. For free dining, you must stay anywhere between 3 and 14 nights, and purchase a minimum 2 day park pass.

  60. Tony Avatar

    Hi Keith,

    OK, so the rumor mills are going full force. According to several sites, Reservations will start to be taken on AUg 20th for Be Our Guest. I have heard anything from the first day being Nov 19th??? To as early as Nov 16???? Any news??


  61. Keith Avatar

    Tony – Not a rumor, it was announced by Disney earlier this afternoon. The restaurant opens November 19th, which is the first day for dining.

    We posted the information on our facebook page a few hours ago: MouseMisers Facebook

  62. Joe Avatar

    Anyone has the information on the 2013 Dining prices?

  63. Joe Avatar

    Thanks i also found it. I was looking for it in the Disney Dining Plan. Bacl in 2010 when i went to Disney world in was listed in the 2010 Dining Plan and it was one price year around. Now they have it listed per PEAK SEASONS.

  64. Laura Dollenger Avatar
    Laura Dollenger

    Any idea if or when a dining deal will (or may be) offered in January? IS there sort of a pattern to when they make these sorts of deals? We are planning our trip and have everything just sort of in a holding pattern hoping against hope we may get lucky on this deal too 🙂

  65. Keith Avatar

    Laura – No idea, we will just have to wait and see. They haver offered free dining for limited dates in January the last two years, so completely possible.

    No real pattern from year to year, one year we will see a kids stay free, next year a buy 4 get 3 free, etc. Always a surprise. We probably won’t see 2013 deals until the current free dining offer expires in September.

    1. Laura Dollenger Avatar
      Laura Dollenger

      Thanks so much Keith! I think I’ll hold off on booking until then. Just in case!

  66. Joanne Avatar

    Hi Keith! I was hoping you could tell me if the All Star Sports resort has been refurbished lately. We’re planning on being in Disney from Nov 29th to Dec 5th and Sports is the only value resort left that has standard rooms left (for the free dining). I’ve read very different reviews where some say it’s great and others say it’s dingy and needs to be fixed up. I would pay the extra money for a preferred room at Movies if it nicer than those at Sports. I thought you would be the one to ask! Also, since there aren’t many rooms left available, does that mean that the parks will be very crowded for our trip dates? Thanks for your help!!

  67. Keith Avatar

    Joanne – Usually the value resorts don’t go through a total refurb like the other resorts, they just keep them up to date, and then redo a block of rooms at a time, but not gutted, etc. Therefore, all the rooms at the value resorts tend to be very similar in quality. Most rooms will be nice and clean, every once and a while, you run across a room that has problems. For your dates, your resort shouldn’t be full, so if you have a problem with your room, just complain a bit and they can move you.

    Disney does not discounts all rooms, so even though the resorts are sold out with the discount, they are no where near sold out. Plus, you have to figure most of the people in the parks come from outside of WDW property, so no, it shouldn’t be too crowded.

  68. Jennifer Avatar

    I booked my trip awhile ago.. I have a question why is the week of dec 1 thru-dec 8 one of the only weeks not participating in the free meal plan..??

  69. Kimberly Avatar

    Hello Keith! I had booked our stay at Disney for November 2nd thru the 6th staying at Port New Orleans, Riverside in a requested preferred room. We have the Disney dining plan and my travel agent suggested I call DWD and make my reservations asap. I just happened upon your site the day I was making them and ask the Disney representative about the free dining plan, she said yes, it was in effect and that if I checked in on November 1st, I could qualify. Alas, I had to go BACK through my travel agent who knew nothing about it…I was SO excited to check in a day early and get free dining that the cost of an extra night would be fine if we were saving the dining. Two days later my travel agent called saying I would have to change to a more expensive room instead of the room I had wanted with the Murphy bed to a new refurbished royal princess room that has two queens. She had made the switch and informed me the room would cost more… This is not really what I had expected, and I explained that my son (9) has a LD that is managed with medication but does not sleep well with his sister (3) thus we needed the Murphy. I specifically picked out requesting that room and I explained the extra steps we have to take as far as his special needs. She said she had reserved a roll away when she switched the rooms and it was marked in our reservations…. After reading several sites about the resort, I see that the resort no longer allows roll a ways. I called my travel agent and relayed that to her insisting she call and ask Disney, she confirmed that they do not and she was once again sorry for the misinformation. I am getting so frustrated and between Disney agents and my own travel agent my happy surprise for my kids is turning into a stress filled ordeal. #1…can I ask for my preferred room back and still get the dining plan or is the room I had originally booked not offered in the discount as my agent told me? #2 Will Disney make an exception and let me have a roll away? #3 Once arriving at Disney would they let me change to a preferred room if I explained the situation and one was available with the free dining? I know it sounds crazy, but I know how hard the nights are going to be if I had to have them share a bed, my son will be up all night…thus we will all be up all night. My alternative will be to make a pallet on the floor for my daughter, which seems sad to go to Disney and make her sleep on the floor. The flip side about the discount is knowing how much saving some money would make the trip for us much easier to afford. ~ Thank you for any advise you could offer.

  70. Keith Avatar

    Jennifer – A while back, people figured out that early December is a great time to go, great weather, all the Christmas stuff and low crowds. Well, low crowds until everyone figured it out. The last few years, it has been super busy that week, like middle of the summer busy. 2011 wasn’t as bad, but still crowded. Should be the same this year.

    Kimberly – #1 – No idea. What are your travel dates and I can check for you? What type of room do you have now with the free dining?

    #2 – Possibly. It usually is no problem getting a trundle bed at check in, just explain your situation, they will take care of you.

    #3 – As mentioned, they should take care of you. Many people take a long a little pop up tent and their kids love sleeping on the floor, kind of like a camp out. Might be a good back up option if you have any problems check in.

  71. Debbie Avatar

    Pop Warner Football Championships are Dec. 1-Dec. 9 so that may be another reason why Free Dining isn’t offered during that time…………

  72. sachiyo Avatar

    Hi, Keith,

    Question from Japan.
    I learned there is a free dining plan, and I think I am entitled to it.
    However, when I booked my vacation through official website, I didn’t go to “special offer” page, but went to just a hotel booking page, then add the park ticket.

    My reservation is as follows;

    Magic your way package= hotel & 5 day park ticket) from Sep 30 for 7 nights.

    I now went into “special offer” page, and found out that the total cost I booked(normal booking without free dining) and special offer ( with free dining) is the SAME!!!

    Could you kindly advice how I can get free dining offer?
    Shoud I call reservation centre?
    As I am in Japan, making international phone cost a fortune…



  73. Keith Avatar

    Sachiyo – You will need to call Disney directly at 407-939-7685. THey will need to apply the free dining reservation for you. Even though it will cost you to call, you save tons with the free dining. Consider using Skype or something similar. I call Japan all the time (my son lives there), and Skype is only a few cents per minute to call, should be similar the other way around.

    1. sachiyo Avatar

      Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
      I am ashamed to tell you, but I thought Skype is available only between Skype users…(what a shame :-), didn’t know I call call to land line by purchasing some credit.
      Yes, I called reservation center by Skype, and successfully get Free Dining

      Thank you very much for your advice!!!

      I think people here visit for inqury on WDW, but If there is anything I can be of a help on Tokyo Disney Land, please let me know.


  74. Kimberly Avatar

    Nov 11-15 is our first family Disney trip (2 adults 1 child). I don’t really understand all the dining plan prices or options. Now I read its free while we are there, but not for our standard room we booked at AOA. Is it more economical for us to upgrade the room to get the free dining?

  75. Keith Avatar

    Kimberly – Absolutely. It will easily pay for your upgrade to a moderate resorts, and probably save you some money overall. Your savings would be $100+ per night with the dining plan, so worth looking into. This offer expires next week, so act quickly.

  76. Greg Avatar

    I’m arriving on 12/6 and staying to 12/13. It appears the dates are 12/10 – 12/20. Will I have any opportunity at the free dining or because my arrival date is 4 days early, I’m SOL?

  77. Keith Avatar

    Greg – With free dining, it all depends on the day you arrive, everything else is irrelevant. You must check in on an available date. So yes, SOL.

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