2012 Disney World Springs Savings

Travel dates: February 21 – March 31, April 13 – June 14, 2012

Edit: February 28, 2012 – The Spring Savings offer has been extended, and now must be booked by March 31, 2012. This is for travel dates after April 13, 2012. This offer will not be available online, and is only available by calling Disney directly (or checking with a travel agent).

Walt Disney World has released a special discount for the general public where they can save up to 30% off of their room only reservation at select Walt Disney World resorts. Savings are based on resort;

Sample Savings:

  • Pop Century, All-Star Sports and Music, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins and Port Orleans French Riverside: 20% off
  • Caribbean Beach and Coronado Springs: 25% off
  • Grand Floridian, Animal Kingdom Lodge (standard view only) and Polynesian Resort: 20% off
  • Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk Inn and Wilderness Lodge: 30% off
  • Boardwalk and Animal Kingdom Villas: 25% off
  • Saratoga Springs and Old Key West: 30% off
Sample Nightly Rates:
  • Pop Century, standard room: $91.20
  • Port Orleans Riverside, garden view room: $152.00
  • Caribbean Beach, standard view room: $135.00
  • Wilderness Lodge, woods view room: $245.00
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge, savanna view room: $389.50
  • Beach Club, garden view room: $280.00
  • Polynesian, garden view room: $372.00
  • Grand Floridian, garden view room: $404.00
  • Saratoga Springs, 2 bedroom villa: $500.50
  • Animal Kingdom Villas, 2 bedroom standard view villa: $693.75

These rates are per night, and do not include the 12.5% resort tax. Weekend nights may be more expensive. Rates cover several seasons, so the rates may be higher for your travel dates than what is listed above.

Please note that some resorts have been excluded from the discounts, or are discounted a very small percentage (5%). Those resorts include All-Star Movies, Port Orleans French Quarter, the Contemporary, Bay Lake Tower, Beach Club Villas and the Villas at Wilderness Lodge.

This offer must be booked by January 22, 2012. For travel dates after April 13, reservation must be booked by February 28, 2012. Not all nights or resorts may be available. Guests can book either a room only reservation or a package reservation including tickets and dining plans, though only the room portion will be discounted, tickets and dining plan will be at full rate. Availability is limited.

You can check in during the black-out period of April 1 – 12, however, the blacked-out nights will not be discounted. The nights of May 25 – 27 are also blacked-out.

For more information about this or any other Disney World discount, please contact our great sponsor Mouseketrips.


  1. Melissa says

    I called and had my discount applied to existing reservation for Pop Century. It didn’t come out to very much ($145 less), but any little bit helps. I don’t think All Star Movies is included in this offer. Stll hoping for a better deal before our travel dates, i.e., free dining or at least Kids Stay and Play free!

    • Keith says

      Melissa – Movies is not officially included, however, I have been able to find rooms at the discounted prices when I checked for several dates, so they may not be advertising it, but it is available.

  2. Mike says

    Disapointing discounts. Keith, any hunches if AP discount for mid to late April is likely to be better, particularly for deluxes.

    • Keith says

      Mike – Yes, very. Some resorts, when you take into account weekends, the discounts are essentially zero. I would expect to see another discount that is a package deal that they can promote on TV (Kids Free or something) and then AP discounts, which are almost always better than the general public room only discounts.

  3. Mike says

    Thx. If i switch from my AAA room reservation to this room only discount now, can i later upgrade to an AP discount or package deal if there is availability?

    • Keith says

      Yes, based on availability of course. You can switch as many times as you like, as long as there are rooms available at the new discounted rate.

  4. Jen says

    I want to make sure I understand you. We currently have a reservation for the first week of April with free dining. However, we would much rather go the first week of June. If we change to a room only reservation right now and then a free dining offer comes out later, we can change again, correct? Fingers crossed that they will extend the offer to at least the end of May for free dining. The first week of April rooms are sooooo expensive!

    • Keith says

      Jen – Well, I will eat my hat if we see free dining this summer, just isn’t going to happen. However, your presumption is correct, if you book a reservation now with this discount, and something better comes along, you can “rebook” with the new discount, based on availability of course.

  5. says

    Keith –

    Just so I understand – you do think we will see a Spring package discount? Applying this room only discount only saves me $57 after all is said and done. I had a CM working her tail off for me trying to find a good package code for my 6/13 – 6/19 trip. There is nothing out there that applies. She hinted that there may be a package discount coming out in the next two weeks, but I hate to bank on it. I am staying at the new Art of Animation resort regardless of discount.

  6. Keith says

    Dana – I think it is likely, Disney rarely releases room only discounts without a package deal, we usually see both. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see two, a first one for Spring, and a second later on for May/June dates.

    CMs rarely know what is coming up, they usually find out the same time everyone else does.

  7. says

    Keith –

    I have to agree. I have never seen them release a room only without a package discount of some kind coming out. Thank you for the reassurance.

    Maybe this CM just felt bad that all her efforts didn’t pay off and just wanted to make me feel better. HA!

  8. Mike says

    FYI, i think the above where it says all other deluxe resorts 30% off is incorrect. I think the others not listed are 5% off only. Bummer for those of us hoping for POFQ or Contemportary.

  9. Keith says

    Mike – Yes, Disney updated their list of resorts after they originally posted the discount. Some resorts are not included in the discount, or are 5% and are not listed. I will update the list above with the new information.

  10. Laurie says

    Hi Keith – I’m trying to make heads or tails of the discounts you mentioned as I’d like to book a room at the Wilderness in June. You mentioned a 20% in your sample notes, but then in the discussions I saw mention of Disney potentially offer other specials for the June timeframe….do you think it’s more advantageous to book now at the 20% discount you mentioned or hold out?

  11. Keith says

    Laurie – There isn’t ever a reason to wait, especially for summer dates. Take the discount that is currently available, if Disney happens to release a better discount for your dates, you can alway call and have it applied to your reservation. If you sit around and hope for something better, it is likely you will end up paying full price.

  12. Roger says

    My travel agent called me today and told me that this discount saved me $992.16 on our 7 night stay at Old Key West Resort, June 9th – 16th. That is some serious cash!

  13. Keith says

    So far our discount according to our travel agent is $95.00 per reservation.
    Hopefully more will be coming.
    Our trip is from April 25-29 and we are staying at Pop Century

  14. Dana says

    I am trying to be patient for a Spring package discount. I am shocked one didn’t release last week. Maybe this week? Thoughts?

    • Keith says

      Dana – Shocked? Well, I am never shocked about anything Disney does. It is completely possible we may not see a Spring package deal at all, or maybe not until early next year, we just have to wait and see what Disney decides they want to do. If you can book this spring savings for your dates, jump on it, you can always switch if a better deal comes along.

  15. Michelle says

    Hubby surprised us with a Disney vacation. He wants to go 6-9 to 6-16-12. I am a Disney Visa holder, but threw out all mailers. Hubby wants to stay at the Dolphin, but I am holding out for onsite with a good discount and possibly purchasing a dining plan. Do you think there will be decent discounts for June or will we be better off with the Dolphin?

  16. Keith says

    Michelle – This discount would work for your dates, and isn’t too bad at many of the resorts. You can’t do any of the dining plans staying at the Dolphin, so take that into account.

    I would book this deal now for your dates, and maybe a second at the Dolphin, and see what comes up in the future, you can always apply any new deal if it is better, or just cancel.

  17. Keith says

    Cheri – As I mentioned to Cathy yesterday, discounts in July are not common, but we have seen them in recent years. I would say at this point, it is probably 50/50 if we will see them or not. Wouldn’t surprise me if we did, wouldn’t surprise me if there were any discount all summer.

  18. CJ says

    Travelling to WDW from August 26th to Sept 1st. Is this a time frame where good discounts are normally available? Thoughts…

  19. Keith says

    CJ – Yes, late August usually has the best deals of the year. We should see those released sometime in late March or early April.

  20. Melissa says

    Thanks for all your great info! I saw an earlier comment about someone getting free dining for the first week in April; guess we’ve missed that – do you think there’s any chance they’ll offer free dining in April again? I have a Disney Visa – is it worth calling to see if they have a free dining promotion available? Husband is a teacher, so stuck going when it’s most expensive and crowded! Thanks for your help!

    • Keith says

      Melissa – The Free Dining deal expired a few weeks ago, and was not available in April. If you checked in March 29 or earlier, you could stay into April. We will not see free dining for April dates, we rarely see any discounts over Easter. At this point, the only deal available is the Spring room only discount, which covers some April dates.

  21. John Romero says

    Waiting on better discounts then just 30% off room.. Would rather free dining or kids stay free. Its December 26 and no deal released for May/June..
    Wonder what they will do?

    • Keith says

      John – Don’t wait, 30% off is better than nothing. You can always replace this deal with a new/better when when they come along.

  22. Jim says

    Booked a package deal through Disney in October for travel dates on March 19-24 at Polynesian Resort. Disney told me to keep checking back for discounts. Nothing so far. Any suggestions?

  23. Keith says

    Jim – I just checked, there is availability for your date at all room types at the Polynesian with this deal, have you applied it? 20% off the room rate, but better than nothing.

  24. Mary says

    I’m going to Disney from May 27-June 2, at Pop Century Resort. Does anybody know if there’s going to be “kids stay free, free dining, or any kind of new deal”? When will Disney put out the new deals? 20% off isn’t a good enough deal.

  25. Keith says

    Mary – It is likely we will see some sort of package deal for May, but at this point, I just don’t know what it will be. Probably likely to be kids play free or something similar. Book your 20% off deal now, you can always change to the new deal later.

  26. Keith says

    Jim – This deal can be used for either a room only reservation or a package deal if you add tickets, same deal. You get the discount on the room portion, the tickets or dining plan will be full price. Book it that way, then when a new discount comes along, you can compare which option is best for you.

  27. Nancy says

    Hi Keith,

    Quick question for you. My husband and I are planning to go to Disney in mid August and to stay Coronado Springs. As there aren’t any August specials out at the moment, if we book now, will we be able to take advantage of specials if they come out at a later time?

    Do you recommend booking now, or waiting a few more months until specials are released?


  28. Keith says

    Nancy – No need to wait, go ahead and book what you want now. Any future deals can be applied to your reservation once released. Discounts are always based on availability, so whether you book now or book later, your chance of applying a discount to your reservation is the same, but I prefer booking now so you have things set.

    Consider booking with a Disney specialist travel agent. It won’t cost you any additional money, and they will take care of applying any new discounts for you when released so you don’t have to worry about it. Most also offer quite a few more services to help you plan your trip too.

  29. John says

    Disney should be putting out new deals since free dining expired.. Would that be this week sometime before New Years or after?

  30. Keith says

    John – Well, the fact that one deal ended does not mean a new one is coming. Disney is trying to get away from discounts, I doubt we will see as many moving forward as we have in the past. However, I fully expect a new package deal sometime soon, though probably not until early 2012.

  31. Mike says

    Hi Keith,

    Hoping you can clear up an AP discount question i have. It is my understanding you can only book one discounted room per AP. If i get two APs, can i book a room with AP discount for my family and another room under AP discount for family/friends staying in another room, or does the second AP have to be under their name?


    • Keith says

      Mike – You can book up to three rooms with one AP. The names on all three reservations do not need to match the AP name, however, the AP holder must be at check in to show the AP for all rooms. If you are booking one room for you and one for family/friends, you will just need to be at check in with them.

  32. Mike says

    The following is a from the allears.net section on AP FAQs:

    Q: If I am an AP holder, can I book more than one room at the AP rate?
    A: Not any longer. It is now one discounted room per passholder.

    Is this info outdated or the new policy?

    • Keith says

      Mike – I just called Disney reservations three times, spoke to three different agents. All three put me on hold to call to double check, all three told me it was still three rooms per AP. I will keep checking on this for you, but I think it depends on the discount, Disney may limit the number of rooms per AP on some discounts, the one currently available for Spring is still three per AP.

  33. Mike says

    Thank you for your effort and quick responses! One of the things that makes this site great.

    Do i need to reserve their room on my credit card, or can i let them book separately and just be there at check in with my AP?

    • Keith says

      Mike – They should be fine making their own reservations, you will just need to be at check in with them. Alternatively, I would suggest you make all the reservation yourself, together, so Disney can link them and they will know you are traveling together.

  34. Justin says

    Do you think Disney will come out with an AP discount for the later part of Spring? I need one for SWW!

  35. Keith says

    Justin – Disney is usually pretty consistant with AP discounts, it is pretty rare that they miss many dates during the year. You could always book a room with this discount now, and change over once AP discounts are released, it is likely the two will be similar savings.

  36. Cheryl says

    You guys are great! Answered an AP question I had just by reading thru the blog!! Thanks for your awesome info :)

  37. CHERYL says

    I plan on taking my family to disney the last of Sept. and 1st week of oct. We will need 3 rooms. Do you know of any specials, or if there is any chance of free dining? Thanks

  38. Keith says

    Cheryl – All of the current deals are listed in the top left hand corner of every page. At this point, there isn’t anything available past June. There will be September deals, always are, but we probably will not see them until early April. Free dining is possible, we really never know until the actual deals are released.

  39. Melissa says

    Trying to plan annual trip for last week of May…getting a little nervous that the room discount is all I’m going to see. Do you anticipate ANY kind of package deal??? With a family of 5, we’d love to see free dining or kids play free. What are the chances?

    • Keith says

      Melissa – Yes, we fully expect some package deal sometime soon. Not free dining, but kids free or something similar is a possibility. Book now with the room only deal, you will be able to apply any new package deal once released.

  40. Tiffany says

    Can I go ahead and make room only reservations using the room discount currently available, and then if the kids stay/play free comes available…use that in conjunction with the reduced room reservation that I already had?

  41. Keith says

    Tiffany – Use the current room only rate to book a package with your room, tickets and a dining plan (if you want one). When a new deal comes out, it would replace this deal if better, you can’t combine deals, ever.

  42. brandy says

    we went to disney in 09 when they had buy 4 days get 3 for free and it was a great deal, would love to see that again!!! if i book now i can change for free if i see a better deal come along?

  43. Keith says

    Brandy – We are hoping to see another package deal for March – May or June dates soon. Could be something like buy 4 get 3 free, kids free, or we may not see anything at all. You can apply discounts to your current reservations after you book, but you will have to do it, Disney will not do it for you.

    • brandy says

      Well I sure hope we see a deal, I need a good 1 to be able to take the kids to disney!! More than 30% off a hotel. Some kind of a bigger savings to get us to fly down and all. Would love to give the kids another chance to see disney..

  44. brian e says

    Hi Keith,
    In your opinion, what is the BEST Disney discount? I’ve heard some people dislike the Free dining plan and prefer room discounts. We’ve only been to disney once, and had the free dining. I thought it was the best deal possible, but maybe not?

    • brandy says

      I would say the best discount would be something that saves me enough money to go!! free dinning would be great, or buy 4 days get 3 for free would be too. 20 or 30 % off a room isn’t. Maybe 30 % off the package would be.. just wishful thinking i guess..

  45. Keith says

    Brian – Personally, free dining is by far the best discount. However, it really depends on your family, where you are staying, etc. For 2 adults staying at the Grand Floridian, a room only discount is likely to save them more money. For a single mother with three young kids, Kids Stay and Play free is likely to be better for them.

  46. Michelle says

    I would like to plan a trip to Disney for August. Ideally, I would like to go earlier in the month, but I know I’ll have a better chance at free dining towards the end. Do you think that any other discounts will come out that will help us book a trip earlier in August? Thanks.

  47. Keith says

    Michelle – Yes, we typically see early August discount, my guess is we should see those sometime soon, in the next month.

  48. Sandi says

    When do they usually come out with another deal? Do we have to wait until this current one expires before another one comes out? We are planning for May this year, but need a better deal than 20%!

  49. Keith says

    Sandi – Book with the current deal, it may be the only one. If we see a package deal, I would expect it to be out soon. You can always change if a better deal comes out.

    • brandy says

      I know southwest has a good deal. You save 250.00 plus you still get the percentage off the rooms, and that ends jan. 22nd. So their deal is better than disney. Then after that they dont know if there will be another disney deal. I know right now the prices are still too high for me…

      • Keith says

        Brandy – One note there. Booking your package through Southwest is not the same as through Disney, and they have different cancellation and other policies. Typically, packages booked through Southwest Vacations cannot be altered with a new deal if something better comes out, so please read the terms and conditions very carefully before booking through them or any other reseller.

        • brandy says

          Yeah I know that, but if disney isnt going to have another deal, then southwest is the best way for us to go if we want to go that bad. We have been going to v.a. beach and busch gardens so thats are back up plan..

  50. Michelle says

    Thanks so much for your response. Based on past experience, do you think the early August discount will be anything comparable to how much free dining will save us?

    • Keith says

      Michelle – Probably not, for most people, free dining is the best deal of the year. However, it just depends on your family, where you are staying, etc. I figure any discount is better than paying full rate.

  51. kelly says

    We usually go to Disney World in the off season but this year the only time that we can go is early June. Do they ever offer free dining during that time?

    • Keith says

      Kelly – We have only ever seen it once in June, that was 2011, it is highly unlikely we will see it again for 2012 until late August and September, if then. I could be wrong, but very unlikely.

    • Keith says

      Kelly – Not that I am aware of, haven’t seen anything like that in the many years I have been doing this. The Swan/Dolphin do offer nurse rates (and teacher, firefighter, policeman, etc) from time to time, but they are not Disney hotels. You need to contact them directly to see what they have to offer.

  52. Bill says

    Family of 4 (2 kids and 2 adults) visiting Disney from April 29 to May 4 and staying at the Contemporary. Any idea of what discounts will be available then. Hoping for free dining?

    • Keith says

      Bill – This Spring discount works for your dates, and is actually a pretty decent deal at the deluxe resorts. Free dining will not be made available for these dates. Disney started sending out PIN codes a few days ago for Free Dining, but you have to receive a PIN code from Disney directly. We may see another package deal, like kids free, but honestly, this may be your best deal. Book it now with this deal, you can always change later on if something better comes along.

  53. Barb says

    Hi Brandy, I think it’s random… but, I have received a TON of them in the past two years. I followed some advice on various Disney boards. Basically, you obviously have to have a disney.com account. Then, make sure you order the free planning DVD. Save a few trips that you want to go on (and make sure you use the dates you want to go!). Also, make a map if you haven’t recently. When your saved vacations expire, put them in again. Also, check your Disney profile and make sure you fill it all out, especially the how you want them to contact you portion. That’s what my daughter and I have done, and we’ve each been receiving them like crazy. We both got the most recent one that is good up to June 30th (but, we are going in November, week after Thanksgiving, so it doesn’t really help : ( But it is nice to know that they are still thinking of us : )

    • brandy says

      Barb, I have done all those things months ago, so hopefully i get something in the mail. That would be exciting!!! What was your offer for? We are hoping to go june 7th so something soon so we can book would be nice..

  54. Keith says

    Bill – Yes, Contemporary excluded, but not for all dates. I have seen it available for some dates with the discount. You can always book at another monorail resort with the deal and move if you get something else.

    Barb – Good thing they can’t be shared, I can imagine some crazy ebay auctions going on for some of the better PIN codes.

    • Keith says

      John – Of course. We have been expecting a package deal for dates in 2012, we just haven’t seen anything yet. Could be tomorrow, could be in 4 months, just no idea.

  55. Mary says

    Will we be likely to see another package deal for the end of May and beginning of June, besides the “up to 30% off room only”? We’re planning on staying at Pop Century Resort.

    • brandy says

      I called disney to ask them how their pin codes work, and they said it was random. So that doesnt mean I will get 1 and doesnt mean I wont. Wish they had some more thought in to how that goes..

  56. brian says

    Brandy, When I talked to them (two years ago) I was told that PIN codes are random, but they don’t even know how it is chosen, because it is all the marketing department, and you don’t get to talk to them!
    My friend called them a few days ago, and was told that a “mark against them” was that they’ve been there so many times without pin codes.

  57. brian says

    I think it’ll be a long, straining wait for late fall discounts (End of Nov. early Dec). I think DIsney is going to see what everything is looking like in July/August before offering anything for those dates : (

  58. Rachael says

    we are planning a trip for 24th of June but the current room discount promotion is only good until June 14th. looking at past trends, have they offered another summer discount and if so, would the dates be valid for the end of June or July 1st?

  59. Keith says

    Rachel – Summer is always iffy, sometimes they have deals, other times they do not. We have seen Summer deals the last few years, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they do not have them this year. We still have not seen a package deal for April or May yet, but we are hoping for something soon.

    If we do see a Summer deal, it should cover all dates, not just June.

  60. brandy says

    I just found that southwest has the best lowest prices so far for what we are looking for, i do wanna book it before plane tickets go up, but then im worried disney might have a better deal. so for now we are just waiting another month to book for june, and if we miss out ad the price goes up then we will have to go somewhere else.

  61. brandy says

    i also found out that i had a pin code back in dec. and it was only for 30% off the room anyway, i just didnt know it was a special offer..

  62. John says

    Same here… No discount for last week of May going into June.. Except 15 percent on POP century.. Waiting on a better deal ..

    • brandy says

      i know, southwest has some good prices right now, but the deal was better last month. thinking i will book flights on my own, they are cheaper.

  63. Keith says

    Shawn – Mid-August through September discounts should be out in early April, likely to be free dining. Early August? No idea.

    Brandy and John – We keep expecting something better for May and possibly June, such as a package deal, but nothing yet, hopefully soon.

  64. brian says

    Just wanted to send out the quick reminder to CALL and ask if you have a pin code attached to your name. Lots of people have been reporting that they never got one in their email or snail mail, but have called to discover that they indeed had a code. Also, some are reporting that they have called and said they wanted code Q3G applied, and have had no problems receiving free QSDP. i don’t know, but it’s always worth a shot, IMHO.

    • brandy says

      I did call they said I have a pin code but it isnt valid. Then I asked if I could use someone elses with their permission and they said no. They said they cant just give me a code they arent just lying around.

    • Bill says

      Sorry, but what is the Q3G code good for and what is QSDP? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know that acronym or what deal that code will give me.

    • brandy says

      At this point im waiting 2 more wks then im going to book before airfare goes up any higher. it would be nice if they could work w ya a lil. bit.

  65. Keith says

    Brian – Yes, worth calling, things get lost, I have known many people who have called and they have a PIN code assigned that never made it to them.

    Brandy – It is likely the PIN code they have for you is for different dates, those are usually kept on file for some time. PIN codes are assigned by their system, and only those assigned get them, you can’t call and ask for one. It would no longer be a targeted PIN code offer, but then a general public offer available to anyone.

    Bill – The code is useless unless you have a PIN code. The Q3G code is the internal Disney code for booking the free dining with this PIN code. If you give them the Q3G code when you call, they will have to first determine if you have a valid PIN number, and if you don’t, you can’t get the deal.

    • Keith says

      Shawn – The last few years, it has been free Quick Service dining at the value resorts and free Disney Dining at the moderate, deluxe and villa resorts. You have the option of paying the difference and upgrading all the way to the deluxe dining plan.

  66. brian says

    The pins that are going out now have the Quick Service Dining Plan (QSDP) for Value AND moderate. Deluxe only gets DDP (Disney Dining Plan). While this isn’t necessarily how any Free dining for the Public would be, it is a pretty good indicator.

  67. Keith says

    Claire – I think they have been pretty much on time, from what we expect. The only exception would be the discount we are expecting for late April/May (maybe Summer). Technically that deal is already out (this one), we were just hoping for an additional package deal, as that is what we usually see. It is completely possible this may be the only deal, there may not be another one.

    For 2011, the package deal was released in early January, so they are a bit behind.

    Discounts are released on an as needed basis. If Disney feels the room discount and PIN codes they are sending out are adequately booking the rooms, there will not be another deal.

  68. Heather says

    As an FYI..I called and had a PIN attached to my name for free dining. We are staying in a deluxe villa and our PIN is ONLY for quick service. So I don’t think it is necessarily QSD for value and moderate and deluxe DDP. Our agent called twice to verify and that is what she was told……

    • brandy says

      i had 1 attached to my name also, but they said it was for a stay of which the date had already past. i asked if they could give us another and they said no. i was sad by that.

  69. Cheri says

    Not sure if this has ever been asked… if both myself and my husband are signed up through Disney… could he get a code and not me? Or vice versa? Or is it applied to an address?
    Thanks for any input!

    • Keith says

      Cheri – Yes, possible. They verify who you are based on your home address, but one of you can get the PIN code and not the other. Most times though, it is address to the “Smith Family”, and covers everyone in your home.

      • brandy says

        i have an aunt who is a florida resident, so i was wondering if it was possible for her to book the vacation for us and her not have to be present when we get there, does anyone know if this works?

        • Keith says

          Brandy – Proof of FL residency is required at check in. And this deal is for everyone, you are probably referring to the new FL resident discount.

          • brandy says

            I see that they get a bigger discount than us, which adds up too 300.00 cheaper so I am trying to get the best deals. The hotel we are looking for is only 20% off, so the extra 10 is very helpful. thought it was worth a try.

  70. Kelly says

    Hello Keith,
    My husband and I are looking into a trip for September 2012. We go annually and we normally get the free dining plan. No matter who I talk to I can’t get a straight answer as too if they are going to offer this again for 2012. Seeing as how they have for the past 3 years. I’m trying to hold off booking until I get an answer.
    Do you know anything about the free dining plans?

  71. Keith says

    Kelly – Even if Walt himself were alive, you wouldn’t be able to get a straight answer from him either. Disney is very secretive of discounts, we do not know what they are going to release, or when, until they are actually released. Sometimes, we find out a day or two before, but that is rare. I have been told by several sources that less than 6 people inside Disney know about future discount, and the information is not released to Cast Members until the morning the deal is released. So, calling Disney reservations will get you nothing, they absolutely do not know anything. In fact, you can often call the morning a deal is released, and they don’t have any idea unless you tell them, then they will go look for it.

    You are basically asking for something that doesn’t exist, you might as well be looking for a green unicorn.

    August/September deals should be released the first week of April (possible the week before). We, nor anyone else, will not know what that deal will be until it is released.

    Disney has offered free dining every year since the dining plans were first introduced (this would be the 6th year), so it is likely we will see it again, but we will not know until the deal is released.

  72. Diane says

    Great information on here. I just stumbled on this site. I am planning on taking my daughter and 3 grandsons in August. I’m wondering if I book now and then a better discount comes out later, but say the dates are one or two days different from the dates that I have booked. Can I rebook? Where is the best place to check to find out about new discounts?

    • Keith says

      Diane – Assuming your reservation was booked through the Walt Disney Travel Company (either calling Disney directly or through a travel agent), you can make any changes you want without penalty up until 45 days before travel, so that includes adding discounts, changing dates, etc.

      The best place to find out about Disney discount? That would me MouseMisers, of course.

  73. Heather says

    Hi Keith…you are welcome, glad to share with others. And I did get clarification from Disney that there IS more than one set of PIN codes going around. so where you are staying doesn’t guarentee what type of dining you get…you get whichever of the deals based on the code #. In our case..quick dining (despite staying in a villa).

    They did tell me to feel free to call anytime to check in to see if PIN codes are attached to our family name!

  74. Richard says

    Hi everyone. I had a question. Like may, I’m pretty disappointed in the 30% off deal. I usually book for my family the same time every year, last week of May to early June and at least get 40% off for that period to stay at Yacht Club. Even now as it turns out for the first 2 days we were looking to go, it is 20% discount, then goes to 30% for remainder of stay.

    My question is, if I bite the bullet and take this “deal” and book and something better comes out before we go on the vacation, can I switch deals? Do they give any money back or adjust a vacation already paid for?

    • Keith says

      Richard – Absolutely. You can always apply any new discount to your reservation if is a better deal than what you already have. Discounts can’t be combined, and just because you have a room already doesn’t guarantee availability, but usually, it isn’t a problem switching at all.

      If you are paid in full, and your price goes down, Disney will just refund your savings back to your credit card.

  75. Adelle says

    When do the Fall Free Dining Offers usually appear? We are booked for Sept 22-29 and have gotten this deal that last few years but can’t remember when :)

  76. Nina says

    Are we going to see a free dining plan for the end of May? I have been waiting and waiting! We are already booked at Pop Century but I would love to save some more money!!

    • Keith says

      Nina – Really, really doubtful. It is possible we may see a package deal sometime soon for May, but it probably won’t be free dining.

      • Nina says

        I am relatively new to this so what is a “package deal”? We already have reservations with the % off and dining plan added, I am assuming you mean that this could be even cheaper? There are 6 of us in two rooms at Pop Century. I would love to get it under $3k as this is our oldest daughters graduation celebration.

        • Keith says

          Nina – technically, you have a room only discount booked (% off the room only). A package deal would be something like kids free or buy 4 get 3 free. Any other discount may or may not be cheaper for you, you will just have to check once anything new comes out.

  77. brian says

    Buy four get three… now THAT is the deal I’d want… Probably be even cheaper than Free dining! When is the last time they ran that deal? Like 2009? 2008? I’m guessing more like five and 2 if one like that comes along.

    Anyway, it seems like either A) they are way behind on discounting
    B) Disney is about to go back to discounts being few and far between.

    My November trip is looking more like offsite and universal than onsite disney!

    • brandy says

      I got buy 4 get 3 for free in june 09!!! that is the only way we could afford it. It was great!! I was told that was because of the economy being so bad, i could only wish for that again. What we have now is just a % off with an additional % off from a pin code..

  78. Keith says

    Brandy – The fact that one ends doesn’t mean a new one comes along, often times they overlap, other times, there are weeks or months that go by without any deals available. However, it is very likely we will see a new deal soon. Oh, and you can’t combine deals, so if something else comes out for your dates, it is either that or what you have, not both.

    Brian – I think both A and B are correct. The buy 4 get 3 free is nice, but in reality, you are getting 3 nights of room for free, the additional days on the park passes are cheap. It is a nice deal, but not the best.

  79. Cheri says

    We are booked for July with our family and another family. Our friend received an offer of 35% off their room. The lady at Disney suggested if we wanted that offer to have our friend book our reservation under his name, then cancel our existing reservation. What is your take on that?
    Or should we wait and see what offers come out after the current offer expires on the 28th? Wanted your opinion! Thanks!

  80. Mike says

    Time to give up on late april package deals???

    Another question. I’m assuming if i only want to park hop for one day (out of 7), i can’t just buy an 8 day nonhopper MYW ticket and use two tickets in separate parks in one day, right?

  81. Keith says

    Cheri – If your friend is traveling with you, there shouldn’t be any need to book it under their name, you should be able to apply the PIN code to your reservation too. If they are not traveling with you, it will not work, they need to be there at check in.

    Mike – No, not yet, still a chance. Nope, Disney figured out that loophole very early in the process. if you use one day at Magic Kingdom, then try to use a “second” day at Epcot, it will just show that you don’t have hopping, and will not let you in. All the parks are connected, and can track your ticket usage.

    • Cheri says

      Keith- our friend is traveling with us but has their own reservation for another room with his family. So the pin code would not be able to work for us correct? Our reservations are linked when I look on our confirmation page.

      • Keith says

        Cheri – Typically, PIN codes can be used on up to 3 rooms, as long as the person receiving the PIN code is in one of the rooms, so you should be able to use it. I might have your friend call in to Disney, with your confirmation number, and see if they can apply it to your reservation. Really shouldn’t be a big deal.

  82. Michelle says

    We are a family of 6 (3 adults and 3 small children), wanting to stay on the property. Currently, we are booked at the Art of Animation for 6/1-6/8. Is there any way to get a better deal or similar price by booking 2 rooms (not suites) at a different WDW property?

    • Keith says

      Michelle – Two rooms at a value resort like Pop Century or the All-Stars is going to be less than the family suite. You may even want to look at a cabin at Fort Wilderness, should be about the same price, but you might like the option more.

  83. Cheri says

    Keith, thank you so much for suggesting our friend apply his pin code to our reservation. Never knew you could and it saved us a nice amount! I appreciate it!!!!!

  84. KR says

    I am looking to book a Disney vacation late June. Are there any discounts available or that maybe be coming but have yet been released?!


    • Keith says

      KR – None yet. Summer is kind of funny, we see deals some years, some years we don’t. We haven’t seen anything yet for 2012, definitely still a possibility though.

  85. KR says

    WHere do you suggest booking from – Travel agent? Walt Disney World website? Priceline? … any suggestions for the best deal? Also, I saw that people were able to apply discounts to already booked vacations – can this be done when booking from any where on the internet or it is specific to booking from WDW website?

  86. brian says

    Big rumor is that March 1st there will be a Disney Visa discount, which will then present itself to the GP on March 5th. Not sure what it would cover dates wise or discount wise. But the rumor seems to have legs.

  87. Keith says

    KR – I am a big proponent of travel agents, specifically Disney specialists. They will not cost you any additional money, and will apply any future deals to your reservation automatically, you will not need to do anything. We suggest Mouseketrips, they are great. Never, ever book from Priceline, Expedia or the like. They usually book through resellers, and you are not able to apply Disney discounts to their existing reservations.

    Brian – Sorry, we don’t comment nor report on rumors. We will report the actual discount once released.

    • Keith says

      Christy – This Spring Savings is currently the only discount available for your dates. Hurry and book though, it expires in a few days. If a better deal comes along after you book, you can always apply that in place of this deal.

  88. brandy says

    we have a pin code that we r using, but now we might meet up with a friend down there and she is booking also, can she just use my pin code or do i have to call? and can they split the bill?

    • Keith says

      Brandy – You should call to make the reservation for your friends, but the reservation can be made in their name and they can pay for their own reservation.

  89. Sonja says

    Did I read that you would eat your hat if they offered free dining in 2012? We have booked Aug 24-Sept 1. I’m hoping they will have free dining before we go. We are staying at the Polynesian (kids 5 &7)….thoughts?!?!

  90. Keith says

    Sonja – Well, I said I would eat my hat if they offered free dining during the summer, that wouldn’t include late August. We are still expecting free dining for late August and September, probably in the next 4 – 6 weeks.

  91. Sonja says

    Thanks Keith!!
    We are trying to miss the summer crowds by going after most schools have started the last week of August.
    When do the crowds generally drop off?

  92. Richard says

    The past few years we’ve gone down the same time, end of May-early June and stayed at either the Poly or Yacht Club. We always got the 40% off deal. Now they are running 25-30%. Not as enticing. Has anyone ever called reservations and actually had them honor a better deal than advertised…or maybe thrown something extra in? We’ve gone down every year consistently for 8-10 days for MANY years…would just be nice if they gave you some extra courtesy for that.

  93. Keith says

    Richard – Really doesn’t work that way. The way the Disney system is set up is that every discount is assigned a specific code, and to get a particular price, the cast member has to type in the code given and the computer spits out a price. They cannot insert different prices or add on free incentives, it is the same deal for everyone.

    One suggestion, there are a few PIN codes out there for May/June. You may want to call Disney to see if you have one assigned to your name and was just lost making it’s way to you. The PIN code offers are usually better than this deal.

    • Richard says

      Thanks Keith, I will call then. I don’t know how these PIN codes work…I’ve been taking my family to Disney every year for past 12 years. Last mailer offer I got was maybe 3 years ago then they stopped.

      • Keith says

        Richard – A PIN code just means they have assigned you personally a discount that only you can use. You provide the PIN code, usually from a mailer or email, they then check to make sure it is valid and give you prices using that exclusive discount. Sometimes they get lost, so you call and see if they have one for you.

  94. Vanessa says

    If Disney offers free dining for August when do you think they will start it? I’m booked for August 15th at the Pop and I’m hoping our dates will be included.

    • Keith says

      Vanessa – August 19. There was a free dining offer late last year for Canadian residents only, it started on the 19th. Stuff like that is usually a really good sign of things to come.

  95. brandy says

    i cant believe i have been waiting for disney’s new deal, and its the same as the last, but extended to march 31st!! very disappointed. im sure they can afford to givve a better deal!!

    • Keith says

      Brandy – It is pretty rare that a follow up deal is better than the original, they usually get worse as time goes by. With this extension and all the PIN codes, it looks very doubtful we will see anything better for these dates.

      • brandy says

        they didnt know what my pin code was for actually, but it did take money off, they said it didnt specifically say but applied it.

  96. KR says

    Hi –

    Even though the deadline to book a vacation has been entended, does this mean it can still only be used up until June 14? I am traveling June 24th and was wondering if it applies for that date as well?


  97. Vanessa says


    Do you think they will offer any other discounts for August? Since we are checking into the Pop on August 17th the new free dining promotion will not work for us. Thanks

  98. John says

    Keith, I been to Pop Century several times and I just curious to see what the security guards at the gate when letting you enter; what are they checking for? I know they ask for your drivers license before raising the bar to let you in. Are they matching for reservations your already made verses your ID to make sure its you and you suppose to be there? What if you were going there to pay cash for a night and did not have reservations would they be matching your ID to reservations you did not make? Just curious on how there system works.
    Thanks for a reply

  99. Keith says

    John – I think all the Disney resorts have guards. Most, like Pop Century, are just checking you out a bit, making sure you look like you belong. I don’t think they actually check your name against anything.

    Most of the deluxe resorts have pretty decent security. They will either check against a “guest” list or dining reservation list, to make sure that they should allow you into the resort or not. I have often said I just wanted to walk around to see the resort, and they have let me in.

  100. Melanie says

    Free dining plan announced for Disney visa cardholders for September 2012!! Just what I have been waiting on!!!

  101. Erin says

    Keith- how does the free dining work? If I have a room with three adults will they only honor it for two adults?

  102. Suzy says

    Is it to late for free dining to come out for begining of may? Disney is not doing much of any promotions this year. Is 30% best we are going to see for April and may this year. :(

  103. Keith says

    Erin – Regardless of who is in the room, everyone gets free dining for your entire stay.

    Suzy – Yes, looks like it is too late to see any package deals for May. We definitely will not see free dining for May, the deal for August is the earliest we will see it made available.

  104. Melissa says

    There is now a Disney visa cardholder free dining offer…I got the email this week. Perhaps they will offer the the gp soon?

    • Keith says

      Vanessa – No idea at this point, probably a room only percentage off deal. Hopefully Disney doesn’t decide to do just PIN codes again.

    • Keith says

      Suzy – Nope, earlier dates will not be added. . You can only use one deal at a time, you cannot combine deals, ever.

  105. John says

    Keith, we are trying to fiqure out how to be seated at the restaurants with a family of eight people but each four have there own reservation numbers separate WITHOUT paying gratuity charges. Even sitting table next to us would be great. But how? Not sure if we can request to be seated next to each other without gratuity charges added even though our packages and restaurant reservations are completely separated. Total eight people but four on one reservation and four on the other ..

  106. Anne says

    Hi! its my first time ever going to disney, im not really informed over the whole discount thing we’re a party of 5 and are going in May 28th to june 6th, problem is, i booked a hotel that is from disney, but not inside, what im really looking for now is discounts for the parks, the prices are unbelievable! hope you can help.

  107. Keith says

    Anna – I am not aware of any ticket deals, nor have I seen any for years and years. Everyone pays the same price to get into the parks, not much you can do about it.

    • Keith says

      Vanessa – I am thinking if we see a Summer discount, it is likely to be a percentage off the room type discount.

  108. Stacy says

    Do you know about how deep the pools are at the resorts? We’re leaning on staying at Pop Century this summer and we have small children (ages 2-6).

  109. Keith says

    Stacy – They are not super deep. The Hippy Dippy pool has a kids pool that is zero entry, and not deep at all. The main Hippy Dippy pool starts out pretty shallow and goes deeper into the middle. The two other pools are more like standard swimming pools, and are about the same depth on all sides. I believe the deepest pool at Pop Century is less than 5′ deep,

  110. Chelsea says

    Can you help me? My fiance is into Star Wars and being there’s going to be Star Wars weekends in Hollywood Studios, what all goes on during that time? If there’s a schedule, how can I find it? I would love to surprise him!

  111. Adel says

    I’m not sure if you’d be able to help me out. I’m going to WDW at the end of May and was wondering if I could add money to the arcade card at the Resort that we’re getting with our Disney Package. Also, I noticed that there’s going to be Star Wars weekends going on while I’m there. Is that a separate ticket to attend and what all does it consist of?

    • Keith says

      Adel – Yes, I think so. Otherwise, you can buy additional cards.

      Star Wars Weekends are included in the admission to Hollywood Studios. It includes special parades, shows, autograph sessions, etc. Really fun, totally cool.

  112. Adel says

    Also I have another question..In our package deal we receive a 15.00 dollar discount for Planet Hollywood.. If I am already on the meal deal and paid for in my package PLUS DINING; what if I order something extra out of my pocket cash can I apply the 15.00 coupon toward it.

    • Keith says

      Adel -I think the voucher is limited to what you can use it for. There is a very limited list of entrees to choose from plus you get a non-alcoholic drink, that is it.

  113. Jonathan says

    Hi, being that this is my first family vacation to Disney, I have a few questions. First off, it’s going to be me & my family (family of 3) staying at one of the Value Resorts and my brother & his family (family of 4). Being that we’re staying at a Value Resort, can we book the restaurants together (all 7 of us at one table) or do we have to have separate tables? If we can’t book together, it’s no big deal. Like I said, I’m new at this and I’d really appreciate it if you’d be able to help me. Thanks!

    • Keith says

      Jonathan – Absolutely, just book them in your name or your brother’s name for all of you together. If you are all on the dining plan, you just need to work that out with your waiter, they deal with multiple rooms all the time.

  114. says

    We have reservations at the Wilderness Lodge. I have a 5 yr old and 2 yr old. Can you tell me if they have a splash pad there? What about a playground? Thanks!

  115. Linda Mullin says

    Our family is going to Walt Disney World 7/9/12 thru 7/19/12 do you think there will be any room only discount pin codes available for these dates. At this time I only have a 10% AAA discount which really does not give much of a price reduction, so I am hoping for a summer discount pin code. Thanks Linda

  116. Keith says

    Linda – There is still a decent chance we will see some sort of deal for Summer dates. I am not really optimistic, but you never know.

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