2014 Florida Resident 3-day Discover Disney Ticket

Travel Dates: January 4 – June 6, 2014

Walt Disney World has introduced a new Florida resident 3 day pass, entitled the Discover Disney Pass. For $129 per person plus tax, you get a 3-day basic park pass to use at the four Disney theme parks. Disney is also offering a Discover Disney Pass for 4-days for $149 per person plus tax, which will give you one more day to use. The park passes are base tickets, so one theme park per day. The Park Hopping or Water Park Fun and More options can also be added to the tickets for $29.50 each, $59 for both options, same price for either the three or four day park passes.

The tickets expire June 6, 2014 and can be used on non-consecutive days, so you can make multiple trips over a few months on one pass. The tickets are valid any day at any of the Disney World theme parks, except during the black out periods.

Black Out Dates:

  • February 15 – 16, 2014
  • April 20 – 25, 2014
  • May 24 – 25, 2014

Proof of Florida residency required at time of purchase and activation. For more information, please see the Discover Disney Pass page. Walt Disney World is also offering FL Resident room only discounts for some of this time period as well.

4 responses to “2014 Florida Resident 3-day Discover Disney Ticket”

  1. Amy Epps Avatar
    Amy Epps

    I am planning a trip to Disney the week of April 20-26, for my birthday which is April 26. I wanted to buy the 3 day passes, but i am now learning about these black out dates. What will it cost me to go on a black out date? Can I still buy and use the 3 day passes and go on a black out date with these passes?

    Thank You

    1. Keith Avatar

      Amy – Disney is super strict on the black out dates, they tickets will just flat out not work on those days. Sorry!

  2. Orquidea Avatar

    When will the 2016 Florida Resident 3 – Day Play pass go on sale?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Orquidea – Typically it is not announced until the day it goes on sale, usually in early, early January. My guess is that it will go on sale January 4, and should be announced that morning.

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