Disney World Kids Stay and Play Free

Travel Dates: April 28 – June 14 and August 14 – October 1, 2011

Several days ago, Walt Disney World had released a special discount for Disney VISA cardholders only, which is now available to anyone. Book a minimum 3 night stay, and kids 3 – 9 stay and play free (their park passes are free).

A few requirements/notes:

  • Minimum 3 night stay
  • Minimum 1 day park pass
  • Park Hopping and Water Park Fun and More options are not included for free

This special must be booked by March 27, 2011.

Please note, this discount covers the same dates as the recently released Summer Room Only discount, which should be a better deal for most people. Please check both options to see which is better for your family.

For more information or to book this special offer, please visit our great sponsor Mouseketrips and ask for code ZM4.


  1. tawnie says

    Good morning, I was wondering if you think or have heard if free dining for anyone will come up again this year. I know they already offered it last year up until Oct but do you think they will bring it back again? My kids are to old to for this deal.

  2. Tami says

    We are disappointed.. my husband put in his vacation time for us to go to disney world in Oct. 2011 … then I found out about the salute to military that ends Oct. 1st… Are there any specials for later in Oct.. of 2011
    We are retired military raising 3 grandkids in wheelchairs… those discounts would have been wonderful…Thanks

    • Keith says

      Tami – At this point, we have not seen any discounts for October or later in the year. It is possible that the military deal may be extended beyond October 1, we will have to wait and see. We will definitely see general public deals for October released later this year, but it may be early Summer before we see those. Check back here often, we post new discounts as soon as they become available.

  3. SHIRLEY COOK says

    Are there any discounts for the last half of June? This is when my son gets his vacation and they are planning on coming down to visit me. I am a Florida resident and thought I would suprise them with a few days at Disney World if at all affordable. They have 3 children and they have had a very rough year with two deaths and sicknesses. I would like to be able to stay at DEisney if at all affordable rather than drive back and forth.

    • Keith says

      Shirley – At this point, we have not yet seen any discounts for most summer dates, including late June. There is still a decent possibility we may see something soon, whether for the general public or Florida residents, so check back a bit later.

  4. Amie says

    I’m booking the kids stay free. Looks like i can book 1-3 kids for the same price. I only have 2 kids coming, can I book for 3 kids and get that extra ticket, that i could use at a later visit?

    • Keith says

      Amie – Typically, on deals like this were someone is free, they usually check family members as you check in, though I can see how if it were busy you could get away with it.

  5. Eduardo Cereceda says

    Quisiera que me recomendaran la mejor promoción para el viaje que estoy planificando con mi hija de 7 años. Solo vamos los dos entre el 19 y el 26 de septiembre.
    Muchas gracias

  6. Gwen says

    I have seen this deal before… does it usually come up each year around the same time and for the same dates normally?

    I only ask cause I am trying to CATCH the deal for next time since I always end up missing it and we go down without this awesome deal..


  7. Keith says

    Gwen – Yes, we have seen the kids free the last few years, usually in the Spring timeframe. Disney does tend to release the same discount year after year, but there isn’t ever any guarantee if or what they will release.

  8. Tammy says

    Any idea when Disney will be releasing their deals for this October. In the past when we have gone during the same time, Disney released those specials in mid July. Thanks

    • Keith says

      Tammy – Some limited October dates were covered with the free dining promotion released this morning. We should see an additional discount or two for all October dates sometime soon.

  9. Shawna says

    We are hoping to go to Disney in early December this year. I’ve seen the free dining offer online in several locations, but none of the hotels (deluxe resorts) where we are interested in staying have any “sale” rooms available. Do you know if they may make more sale rooms available closer to December so I can get the Free dining? Is there likely to be a better deal for me closer to December?

  10. Keith says

    Shawna – What are your travel dates and resorts? I just looked for the first week of December, every deluxe resort is available.

    Disney never adds rooms to a discount. We are expecting other discounts for the Fall, they may pull from the same or different pools or rooms, no idea until they are actually released. Doubtful it will be better, though possible if you have young kids and you are staying in a deluxe resort, a room only deal may be slightly better for you.

  11. Shawna says

    We would like to go from Dec 3-7 (4 nights). I’ve seen that 12/3 is a valid arrival date for the free dining plan, but cannot find any “sale” rooms at the resorts on the monorail. From what I understand, you have to choose a room that is classified as “sale” to get the dining plan.

  12. Keith says

    Shawna – Contact a Disney travel specialist, they will be able to make sure you get what you want. We suggest Mouseketrips, they are great.

    I am showing plenty of availability at the Polynesian, so it is available with free dining.

  13. Paula says

    We are also looking to travel in early December. We’re looking at the weekend of Dec. 9-11. I live in Florida and saw that in past years, there was a room-only FL resident discount for that time of year, but no sale is listed so far this year. I really want to book a particular resort and view (Contemporary Tower Room – Theme Park View) and worry about waiting for the discount to be announced, I don’t want that room to book up. If I go ahead and book now and the FL resident discount is announced later, can I still get it on a previously booked room?

  14. Keith says

    Paula – Possibly, it would depend on availability. Even if you have the room booked, there would need to be a discounted room available in order for you to get the discount applied. I know, dumb. What I would do is see if there is a room with the AP discount out (there is) and book that now. When the FL resident deal comes out, you should be able to switch that room easier than a full price room.

    I am surprised FL resident rates aren’t out yet. They have been trailing AP rates by a few weeks, but it is time.

  15. Paula says

    Ok, that makes sense. I don’t see any info online as to which rooms specifically have the AP discount, should I just call the reservation line? Thanks so much, I have never been to DW and am getting so much good information here!

    • Keith says

      Paula – Since you don’t have an AP on hand, you will need to contact Disney directly or a travel agent to check on prices and availability.

  16. Keith says

    Kay – I am not sure what you are asking. All 2012 rates and dates have been released a few months ago. Are you asking when this discount will be released for 2012?

    • Keith says

      Vanesa – At this point, no. The only WDW discounts currently available are the free dining and the Early Winter savings. All discounts are linked up in the top left hand corner of each page.

  17. Sandy says

    We will be in Orlando April 2012. We are anticipating kids stay and play free offer. Where do we get the tickets? Upon check in? if we book 3 nights from April 20, can we get 5 day passes? Can we enter the parks 4 days before check in? We are staying off Disney propery starting April 15 but would like to enter the parks on the 16 th and 17 th., then 23 rd and 24 th…we are staying only on Disney property on our last 3 nights to avail of the free tickets for 2 kids and the free airport transfer.

  18. Keith says

    Sandy – A few things:

    1. I wouldn’t anticipate anything at this point with Disney.
    2. You will notice that the discount in 2011 started at the end of April, so if it is the same this year, you would miss out.
    3. Normally, you can’t get tickets before check in. However, Disney has started, but not announced, a program where you can get them up to 3 day in advance at any guest services window, hopefully by April this will be more clear.
    4. Most likely, you will be able to get any length of tickets you like, but that will depend on the terms of the discount released.

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