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2013 Disney World Spring Savings

Travel Dates: February 18 – June 14, 2013

Walt Disney World has released a new discount, where you can save up to 30% off of your room only reservation at select Walt Disney World resorts during the travel dates listed above, plus great savings on 4 day and longer Disney World Magic Your Way tickets. Please note this is the identical discount released last week to Disney VISA cardholders, and is now available to everyone, the Disney VISA requirement is no longer required.

Percentage Savings:

  • Save 30% at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, Boardwalk Inn, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, Boardwalk Villas and Beach Club Villas.
  • Save 25% at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Cabins
  • Save 20% at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and the Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
  • Save 15% at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort (Family Suite Rooms)

Please note that some resorts have been excluded from the discounts, including All-Star Movies and Port Orleans French Quarter. Also excluded are the Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation, 3 bedroom villas and campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. While not listed, they may be discounted for some dates, but not others.

This offer must be booked by March 7, 2013. This discount will be available until March 31, 2013 for travel dates in April, May and June. Not all nights or resorts may be available. At this point, the dates of March 24 – April 1 are blacked out at most resorts, but some resorts may still be discounted during this peak week, or discounted at a lower rate than listed above.

Guests can book either a room only reservation or a package reservation including tickets and dining plans, though only the room portion and Magic Your Way park passes will be discounted, the dining plan will be at full rate. By adding 4 day or longer Magic Your Way park passes to the package, your the tickets will then be discounted as well. Availability is limited.

For more information about this or any other Disney World discount, please contact our great sponsor Mouseketrips.

27 responses to “2013 Disney World Spring Savings”

  1. Linda Wamble Avatar
    Linda Wamble

    I am looking for the following:
    Dated March 24, 2013 leaving March 29, 2013
    1 Room 2 queen beds 2 adults, one child 7
    4 day pass to any of the theme parks
    Thank you so much.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Linda – Sorry, we are not a travel agency, we just provide the discounts and information in helping plan your trip.

      I would suggest you contact our great sponsor Mouseketrips, they are a travel agency, and can help you get your trip booked.

  2. Janine Avatar

    Just wondering if you know when free meal plan for 2013

    1. Keith Avatar

      Janine – We probably won’t see free dining for 2013 until Fall travel dates, so late August and September. If that is released, it should be available sometime in late March or early April.

  3. Adelle Avatar

    Looking at Aug 18 – 24, think I will see Free Dining or any discount for that week? Looking at the past, it is hard for me to figure. Thanks!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Adelle – We are expecting free dining again for August/September. We do not know anything, just a guess at this point. The last few years, they have gotten later and later in August with the start date:

      2012: August 25
      2011: August 28
      2010: August 15
      2009: August 16

      While it may be possible, I fully expect to see the start date later in the month. Please note that only your check in date matters. If your check in date is an available date, you get free dining your entire stay, if not, you get squat.

  4. kim Avatar

    If we stay at the disney resort for 4 nights, can we get the dining meal plan for only 4 days? and we are planning on going in u know when the free meal plan would be in effect?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Kim – The dining plans are always based on the number of nights you stay, no way around it. Staying 4 nights, you would get 4 night’s worth of stuff.

      No idea if we will see free dining for 2013 or not, we will just have to wait and see.

  5. Lori Avatar

    What, if any, deals do you think will be for the beginning of August? Were going the 10-16th.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Lori – We never know ahead of time, so it is always kind of an educated guess. Last year, discounts for Summer months were meager, like 15 – 20% off of the resorts, and only limited resorts. I would expect something similar this year, and maybe you will get lucky and get something better.

      2012 Walt Disney World Summer Discounts

  6. Dawn Avatar

    Hi Keith,

    We are traveling with three kids and two of them are 11 and 14 so they will eat as an adult on the dining plan (the 6 year old off the kid’s menu)………do you know how flexible the restaurants are as far as substituting things? For example, if they don’t like any of the dessert items on the adult menu – will they bring them an ice cream sundae instead from the kid’s menu? If not, just trying to make sure I am booking restaurants with more kid friendly adult menus! Thanks!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Dawn – They are usually very flexible. If it is on the menu, kid’s or adult’s, they should be fine ordering it.

  7. Dawn Avatar

    Hi Keith,

    I am trying to book some last minute reservations……….when we started all this my travel agent said to only book a couple dinners so we would not be tied down…..I decided to ignore her as we are going over Easter and also have one diabetic child who can’t be waiting 3 hours for a table………….There are still opening plenty of places, but wondering if you get a different response calling rather than trying to book online? There a couple places I would love to try and get in for my boys, but online are not available……I was going to keep going back and checking periodically in case of cancellations, etc. but thought if calling ever makes a difference?????? – I will do that!!! I do have 6 of the 7 dinners booked, but would make a change or two if possible……do I call the restaurant directly or the dining plan line? Also, planning to rent a car for the day to drive to the ocean….any advice as far as which beach or whether to head east or west? Thanks again!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Dawn – I have found that availability is the same whether you call or check online. Feel free to call though, it won’t hurt – 407-WDW-DINE.

      Most restaurants hold availability of cancellations until just a few days before, most likely to give in park guests a chance to eat there. I usually check online every morning to see if anything comes available, and I also will call from my room as soon as I arrive at the resort. While I am not always able to find everything, I can usually snag a few that I may have missed out on.

  8. Michael Kostandin Avatar
    Michael Kostandin

    We are looking to travel in the middle of May 2013 with 2 adults and 2 kids (10,6). Historically have they put out any more discounts this close to that time? We have had luck with the free dining plan in the past and were hoping for that again. Thanks for your input.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Michael – Very, very, very doubtful we will see free dining for May released to the general public. It is very rare in May, and second, is is even more rare for a discount like free dining to be release months after another discount has been available for the same dates. Just doesn’t happen.

      There is a possibility we may see a second discount for May, that covers some Summer dates too, but it is doubtful it will be better than what is currently available.

      Disney has been taking advantage of PIN codes, we have seen free dining PIN codes for early in 2013, but nothing past March. I think that may be your only hope.

  9. Eeboo Avatar

    I am travelling to WDW Florida from March 4th to March 10th. I am looking for disney ticket of low prices where I can save some money – We are 4 of us. –> 3 person age 10+ and 1 person 7+ – Please help us

    1. Keith Avatar

      Eeboo – Disney does not discount their tickets, they just are what they are. If you are a FL resident, they do offer a 3 day discovery ticket for March, but other than that, you are going to have to pay the posted prices. Sorry!

  10. Mary Avatar

    I am a Disney visa holder and have. Reservations for 3/24 to 3/29. Would it pay to call and see if they’ll give me the visa discount

    1. Keith Avatar

      Mary – Very, very doubtful. When you call, Disney CMs have no control over discounts, it is all hard coded into the system. Your dates are blacked out with the discounts, so it will just come up as unavailable or at full rate.

      However, it is probably worth the call. I have seen some room types discounted during those dates, but not many. The discounts are small, but it is worth checking to see what is available.

      1. Mary Avatar
  11. Paula Avatar

    We are thinking about arriving at Disneyworld on/around December 26th, 2013. In past years have they had any discounts available for that time frame?


    1. Keith Avatar

      Paula – Discounts over Christmas are non-existant. I don’t remember one in the last 15 years, they just don’t happen. The hotels are basically sold out at full rate, and the parks are filled to past capacity most days, no reason for Disney to discount anything.

  12. Barb Avatar

    we have already booked our trip thru disney. I now see this offer for 20% savings at the all star sports resort which is where we are staying. Can i still get the 20% savings.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Barb – Maybe. You are going to have to call Disney and ask. It will depend on your travel dates, availability, how your room was booked, etc. Worth a call though. Let me know how it goes.

  13. Linda Avatar

    Hi Keith
    D you have any information on fasts pass+. We have 6d park hoppers for March 2013.
    Can we sign up for fastpass+ ahead of time?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Linda – Right now, Fast Pass + is just in testing. They have done a few tests here and there, but you are usually notified several weeks in advance, which allows you to sign up and participate. At this point, I am unaware of any tests going on, but I do expect to see more before it is made available to everyone.

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