Free 2012 Disney Dining for UK Residents

Travel Dates: January 1 – February 26, May 1 – June 17 and August 1 – November 18, 2012

Virgin Holidays has just released a special Free Disney Dining promotion for UK residents only. With your reservation, you will get accommodations at select Walt Disney World hotels, free Disney Dining for your family, 14 day Disney theme park ticket days (for the price of 7) plus all Virgin Holidays customers will receive $300 in Disney spending money. Flights must be included in the package as well.

Just book a reservation that includes your Walt Disney World hotel and theme park tickets for at least 5 nights during the eligible dates, then the entire party will dine for free during your holiday. A maximum stay of 21 nights is allowed. Guests staying at a Disney moderate resort will enjoy the free Quick Servicing Dining Plan. Guests staying at a Disney Deluxe or Deluxe villa resort will receive the free Disney Dining Plan. Upgrades to the Deluxe Dining plan available.

This special UK resident package must be booked by June 6, 2011, so hurry! Vacation package is subject to room and flight availability as well as check out by 19 November 2012.

You can only book this special Free Dining package through Virgin Holidays. Proof of UK residency required at time of booking.

4 responses to “Free 2012 Disney Dining for UK Residents”

  1. Keith Avatar

    We plan to go August 8-18 2012. I’m guessing that since a UK dining discount was issued that eventually US visitors will get one too. We are debating on staying value resort again and upgrading the dining or staying moderate and getting it free. 2 adults 1 child (14) (last trip before HS). Should we book the value, and then change our reservation if we decide to go the moderate route? We would go preferred room at the value… I’m guessing the values woould book up first.


  2. Keith Avatar

    Keith – Probably a poor assumption to use UK dates and assume those will be the US dates. WDW Canada just released free dining for CA citizens, it starts August 19, 2012. I would expect that to be a more accurate estimated start date.

    Yes, book the resort you want assuming no discount, adjust later on once a discount is released.

  3. Joanna Smith Avatar
    Joanna Smith

    Why is it that Disney always offers the visitors from Europe more discounts than the visitors from the good ole U.S.A? The discounts should be across the board, not dependent on what country you travel from.

  4. Keith Avatar

    Joanna – I wouldn’t say always. Disney has offered free dining for UK residents the past few years, but it is offered a year in advance, and on longer trips. You should note that technically the free dining currently being offered is for US residents only.

    Disney releases discounts to book rooms that they don’t think would otherwise be filled. They target the UK market because they tend to take longer trips (2 – 3 weeks) and it is a small market, so Disney knows they will book up some rooms, but not entire hotels.

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