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Disney Cruise Fall Kids Sail Free

Travel Dates: October 23 โ€“ December 18, 2011

Update: Disney Cruise has added October 23 to the available cruise dates, and it appears as though it is no longer limited to veranda rooms, as you can now book both ocean view and veranda rooms on all cruises.

Disney Cruise has announced a special Kids Sail Free on select Mexican Riviera Disney Cruises during the travel dates listed above. Book a verandah stateroom and kids ages 17 and under, traveling with two full-fare Guests in the same stateroom, sail FREE on most 7-night Mexican Riviera cruises. These cruises sail out of Los Angeles, California.

Not all cruises may be available, and availability is extremely limited. The last kids sail free offer sold out completely in a few days, so act quickly if you are interested.ย This offer is only available in veranda staterooms category 4A – 6A.

For more information on the kids sail free offer on the Disney Cruise, please contact our sponsor Mouseketrips and ask for code KFO.

17 responses to “Disney Cruise Fall Kids Sail Free”

  1. Jody Avatar

    I am thinking of a Disney cruise for Christmas .. Can you give me some quotes please

  2. Keith Avatar

    Jody – We are not a travel agency, we just provide information about Disney discounts. You should contact Disney Cruise directly or find a good Disney travel agency (we suggest Mouseketrips).

  3. raelene Avatar

    We are currently booked on a Disney Cruise end of April. Are we able to apply kids 17yrs under free to our current booking?

  4. Keith Avatar

    Raelene – Nope, the current kids free offer is on the Mexican Riviera cruises only, and it only runs through March 4, so end of April does not qualify.

  5. Natalie Johnson Avatar
    Natalie Johnson

    We’re looking to book a Disney Cruise in spring 2013. Do you know of any discounts available when booking this far ahead of time? Thanks!

    1. Keith Avatar

      Natalie – Discounts on Disney Cruises are pretty rare, we just don’t see them that often. Usually the best way to get a decent deal is to just book as early as you can. Many deals can be applied to existing reservations, so you can always hope something better comes out.

  6. Heather Avatar

    I have 5 children, would all five of my children go on a cruise to mexico for free may 2011? I just dont know if there is a limit on number of children and I also wanted to see if it is really a free deal. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Heather Avatar

    Not may 2011, the fall cruises. I apologize.

  8. Keith Avatar

    Heather – A few problems.

    1. This discount was only for Fall, 2011, and is not available for 2012. It is possible we may see this again for this Fall, but we have not at this point.

    2. As stated above, each room requires two full paying passengers, and then any remaining kids are free. The rooms on the cruise will sleep either 4 or 5, so you will need two rooms, and hence will have 4 full paying passengers, and you will have three of your kids free

    The kids that are free are free, for the most part. They will still need to pay gratuities, and get to the cruise, but other than that, there really isn’t any additional cost.

  9. Rachel Avatar

    1.)Me and my dad and two of my brothers were wondering how much it would cost for all four of us to go.2.)Also,we live in Kentucky and we have an old car that probably will not be able to to travel all the way to Las Angelas, so are there any cruises that will be closer to Kentucky?3.)If so,how much closer and how close if not thanks for trying to help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Keith Avatar

    Rachel – This deal was on Fall, 2011 cruises, and is no longer available. At this point, there are not any kid sail free offers available on any Disney cruises.

    Most Disney cruises sail from Florida, quite a bit closer to KY and Los Angeles.

  11. vicky Avatar

    Our family is planning a disney cruise in May 2014. Are there travel agencies that would let us make payments?

  12. Keith Avatar

    Vicky – You can’t book until 2014 cruises are announced, that will be a few more months at least. The terms are the same regardless of where you book. There is a 20% deposit due at the time of booking, the balance is due 75 days before sailing. You can make payments as you go along, not a problem at all, as long as you are paid in full by the due date.

    Contact Mouseketrips, they are great and will help you set up your payment plan.

  13. Robin Avatar

    Can you email me with any kids sail free for disneey dates for 2013?

  14. Keith Avatar

    Robin – There aren’t any kids sail free right now. My suggestion would be to find the box on this page that says “Subscribe”. Put your email address in there. You will then get an email whenever there is a new discount.

    Alternatively, you can follow us on facebook, we post new discounts there too: MouseMisers on Facebook

  15. Tracy Avatar

    Any dates of Disney Kids Cruise free out of Port Canaveral FL?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Tracy – There aren’t any kids sail free offers anywhere on any cruise. We haven’t seen any from FL for quite some time now, most of been for the Mexican Riviera cruises from Los Angeles. If we see any this year, it will likely be on those cruises again, or possibly the ones from Galveston.

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