Disney Free Dining 2010 for Disney VISA cardholders

Travel Dates: August 15 – October 2, 2010

Edit: May 3, 2010 – This discount is no longer necessary, as the Free Dining has been released to the general public. For more information, head over to the Disney World Free Dining 2010 Information.

Walt Disney World has announced the “Free Dining” promotion for the sixth consecutive year. Currently, the discount is only available to Disney VISA cardholders, though it will be released to the general public starting on Monday, May 3, 2010. With the “Free Dining” promotion, Disney resort guests who book a Magic Your Way package that includes both your Disney resort room and your Magic Your Way park passes, will receive one of the Disney Dining plan add-on for free for all guest three and older in their party. There are a few requirements:

  • You must book at least a three night stay, and your stay cannot be longer than 14 nights
  • You must include at least a two day Magic Your Way base ticket
  • You must pay your $200 per room deposit at time of booking, you cannot “hold” a reservation

A slight change from 2009. Guests staying at a Disney World value resort will receive the Quick Service Dining Plan for free. Guests will be able to upgrade to either the Disney Dining plan or the Deluxe Disney Dining plan by paying the price difference. To upgrade to the Disney Dining Plan, the increased cost will be $10 per adult and $2 per child per night of your stay. To upgrade to the Disney Deluxe Dining plan, guests will pay $40 per adult and $11 per child per night of your stay.

Guests staying at a Disney World Moderate, Deluxe or Disney Villa resort will receive the Disney Dining Plan included for free. Disney World guests at moderate, deluxe and villa resorts will also be able to book the “Free Dining”, and upgrade to the Disney Deluxe Dining for the normal price difference, which is $30 for adults and $9 for children three to nine. The Wine and Dine option is also available at full price to add onto either the Basic or Deluxe dining plans.

Availability is extremely limited, and must be booked by August 14, 2010. It appears that all suites have been excluded from this offer, though all resorts, including value resorts are included (All-Star Family Suites are included). To receive the Disney VISA cardholder discount, you must pay your deposit at time of booking with your Disney VISA, and you must pay the balance with your Disney VISA card as well, when due. As a reminder, this exact discount will be released on May 3 to the general public without the Disney VISA requirements.

One thing to note that while the last date of travel is October 2, the free dining will extend past that date, as long as you check in October 2 or before. As usual, this is subject to availability.

To book this special Disney VISA “Free Dining” vacation package, please contact our great sponsor Mouseketrips, and ask for the appropriate code:

  • QD4 – Magic Your Way Quick Service Dining Plan (Value resorts only)
  • UE9 – Magic Your Way Disney Dining Plan (Value resorts only)
  • EF5 – Magic Your Way Disney Dining Plan (moderate, deluxe and villa resorts only)
  • UXQ – Magic Your Way Deluxe Dining Plan

16 responses to “Disney Free Dining 2010 for Disney VISA cardholders”

  1. Mandy Avatar

    Can you use this offer along with the “kids play and stay free” offer?

  2. Amy Avatar

    I know they don’t usually combine packages, but sometimes Military is different. Can the Disney Visa Free QS at Value be used in conjuction with the Military Room Discount?

  3. Keith Avatar

    Mandy and Amy – No, this cannot be combined with any existing or future discount, you must pick which one works best for your family.

  4. Traci Avatar

    See here in ( ) that although suites will be excluded from free dining, the Value Resort All Star Music suites WILL be included. Very happy to hear that I have one booked already, thought i was gonna be found ineligible for FD.

  5. Jeananne Avatar

    I was just told that this statement is not true:
    “One thing to note that while the last date of travel is October 2, the free dining will extend past that date, as long as you check in October 2 or before. As usual, this is subject to availability.”
    My travel agent was on the phone with Disney making my reservation starting Oct. 1st and they said I would only get the free dining for 2 days (Oct. 1 and 2). I am really bummed out because I changed our plans because of this and had just booked the airfare and now I can’t change the date.

    1. Keith Avatar

      Jeananne – either your travel agent of the Disney rep misunderstood, that statement is absolutely true. I booked a trip for my family checking in October 2, free dining is included for the entire trip. I would suggest you have your travel agent call back.

  6. Linda Avatar

    I’m confused about how the extra magic evening hours work. Do you have to show your resort card at every attraction? Or do we have to leave the park at closing time and re-enter for the extra hours? Do you have to be there when the extra hours begin or will we be allowed to come in the park a little later when the crowds may be a little lighter? Thanks for your help!

  7. Victor Avatar

    Glad too see Value Resorts Kept out of the Free Dining with Sit down. About time people who stay at Value Resorts get put in there place. Have fun Value Resort people at the quick service haha

  8. jj Avatar

    hey victor, that was rude….and for your info, we value resort people CAN get sit down dining for just the price difference!!

  9. Keith Avatar

    Linda – Yes, each person in your party must present a valid Disney World Resort room key at each ride in order to board. No need to leave the park, they don’t kick non-resort guests out, they just can’t ride the rides. The entrance gates stay open after hours, you can come anytime while the park is open.

  10. Jeananne Avatar

    Thanks for the info, Keith! My travel agent had to talk to 3 cast members before getting the correct info. Apparently there was a typo in a memo or something and some cast members thought you had to check OUT by Oct. 2nd instead of check IN my Oct. 2nd. It has all been corrected now. I changed the week of my vacation for this and so I was panicking when I thought I wasn’t going to get it!!

  11. Linda Avatar

    Thanks so much for the info! It is really appreciated!

  12. Jo Avatar

    Does anyone know if the All Star Movies resort has been refurbished recently? I am leaning toward that resort, but I heard that one of the All Star Resorts wasn’t that nice since it hadn’t been fixed up lately and I was hoping that it wasn’t Movies! Any help will be appreciated!

  13. Keith Avatar

    Jo – I have not heard any problems recently with Movies, Disney usually does a pretty good job or keeping rooms clean and nice. The only time you start hearing complaints is right before a major rehab, as they stop fixing things in rooms. We stayed there a while ago, really liked it, had a good experience.

  14. Krystal Avatar

    My friend just told me she got an email stating that you could get the free dining through December 24th 2010. I spoke with a cast member and he said that you have to get that pin number emailed in order to get that deal. Do you know if this will be opened to the general public soon?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Krystal – Soon? No, we won’t see anything until late this summer. Disney has been mailing out a few differing PIN codes for Fall dates over the last two to three weeks. Unless you receive a PIN code directly to you, with your name associated, you cannot use it. I have seen free dining and a few different room discounts.

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