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2010 WDW Military Room Only discount

Travel Dates: January 3 – September 30, 2010

Active and retired military members can now book specially discounted room reservations, and save up to 40% off of the rack rate at select Walt Disney World resorts. Availability may be extremely limited during the following dates:

February 12 – 14, March 27 – April 10, May 21 – 24 and July 3 – 4, 2010

Availability may be limited, and not all resorts may be available for all dates. Some minimum stays may be required, weekday and weekend rates may differ depending on resort. Offer available to active duty military, activated reservists and retired military. Proof of Military eligibility is required at check in.

The 2010 Quick Service, Disney Dining  and Disney Deluxe Dining plans are also available to add to the room only reservations, if you are interested in a dining plan. The dining plans are a great way to budget and save money while visiting Walt Disney World. Dining plans are not discounted.

For eligibility questions, please contact Shades of Green, they will be able to help you, we will not.

For more information, please contact our sponsor Mouseketrips, and ask for one of the following codes:

  • OUQ – Room only reservation
  • OUR – Room only with Quick Service Plan
  • OUT – Room only with Disney Dining Plan
  • OUU – Room only with Deluxe Disney Dining Plan

12 responses to “2010 WDW Military Room Only discount”

  1. Kathleen Avatar

    regarding the Room Discounts for Military. We have asked about a discount and no one at Disney seems to know about one for the military at this date. They are giving us a 20% that is offered to the general public but no one seems to be aware of one specific to the military. They just say to keep checking back.

    1. Keith Avatar


      What are your travel dates? Have you contacted a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations?

  2. Marvin Avatar

    Kathleen – It appears that when you tell them, Disney reservations, that you are military they place a different code agaist your name. I’m pretty sure that Disney is giving you a Florida resident discount more so than a military discount…see codes at the bottom. I had to call about 9 times, 9 times Mrs Bueller…movie quote, before I got someone at Disney who knew which end was up. However, I learned that as soon as you say military they go in the wrong direction. I started by asking what discounts were available and then, hoefully, they will ask if your affiliated with Uncle Sam. Also, call as early as 8 or 9 am and during the work week because this is when the people that have been with Disney the longest are working. They have been there longer and get the option of a better work schedule. But, it seems there is some type of Florida resident code set up for us…the greates military the world has ever known…go Air Force!
    OUQ – Room only reservation
    OUR – Room only with Quick Service Plan
    OUT – Room only with Disney Dining Plan
    OUU – Room only with Deluxe Disney Dining Plan

    1. Keith Avatar


      Thanks for the great comment, very helpful!

  3. Tami Avatar

    we are going to Disney in October 2010. Is it typical for these military discounts to be extended, ever?

    1. Keith Avatar


      Yes, it is possible for this to be extended, not sure I would say it is typical. It was available for all of 2009, they must have a reason for only running this through September this year. I guess we will have to wait and see. Disney usually offers fantastic general public discounts in the Fall, so you won’t be without options.

  4. john Avatar

    We are stationed at Ft. Polk, LA. and my wife plans on taking advantage of the $99 deal for WDW does this include the room or will that be separate?

    1. Keith Avatar


      The $99 is just for a 4 day park pass for one person, nothing else included. That gets her into the parks for four days, if she wants to stay on Disney property, she will need to book a resort room in addition to the park passes.

  5. Tammie Avatar

    We are going to Disneyworld next month and friends keep telling us to buy the dining plan. We think its a great idea however when we tried to do so Disney told us that since we had not purchased our park tickets through them they could not add the dining plan. (We our military and purchased the $99 ticket) Any suggestions?

    1. Keith Avatar

      If you booked a room only reservation at a WDW resort with the military discount, you are able to turn it into a package with dining and without park passes, there are military discount packages available.

      Where are you staying and how did you book your reservation?

  6. Matthew Palmer Avatar
    Matthew Palmer

    I stayed at the Contemporary last year in the conceirge level with Magic Kingdom view. The original rate was 655 a night but was taken down to 415 a night for the active duty military discount. I am coming home this year for R&R and want the same room. The dates are Oct 21 to Oct 24. Can you help me find out if the rates still exist? Thank you very much.

    1. Keith Avatar


      As of right now, military rates only run through September 30, nothing is currently available for October dates for either military or general public discounts. There is a possibility they may extend the military deal, but there will be general public deals available for sure for those dates, most likely to be released sometime later this summer.

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