2010 January – June FL Resident discounts

Travel Dates: January 1 – June 3, 2010

Walt Disney World has released special room only discounts for Florida Residents. You must check in during the travel dates, however, you can extend your stay pass the ending date. Only the nights included in the travel dates listed above will be discounts. Availability is limited, though all resorts and room types are available.

There is a blackout period between March 27 – April 10, 2010. You cannot check in during the blackout period, and nights during the blackout period will not be discounted. Edit: as of March 5, 2010, Disney has removed the black out dates, you can now travel during that time and receive a discount.

Please note this is a two part discount., stays 5 nights and longer receive a slightly better discount than stays of 4 nights or less.

Some Sample Nightly Rates (5+ nights):

Pop Century, standard room: $53 – $81 per night
Caribbean Beach, standard view room: $94 – $122 per night
Wilderness Lodge, standard view room: $139 – $211  per night
Animal Kingdom Lodge, savanna view room: $180 – $261 per night
Beach Club, standard view room: $197 – $272 per night
Polynesian, garden view room: $212 – $287 per night
Grand Floridian, garden view room: $238 – $322 per night
Saratoga Springs, 2 bedroom villa: $305 – $442 per night

The Travel Dates span value, peak and regular season, each night is priced separately, depending upon the season.

These prices are per night, and do not include the 12.5% room tax. Not all nights, weekend and weekday nights, are the same price, some weekend nights appear to be not available with the discount.

In the past, Disney had also released special Florida Resident MYW package discounts. The packages are based on the reduced room rates above, and include a FL resident MYW ticket and the option of adding on of the Disney Dining plans. At this point, the package does not appear to be an option, though I will update this thread if it becomes available.

For more information or to book these special Florida Resident rates, please contact our great sponsor Mouseketrips and ask for code QHK.

8 responses to “2010 January – June FL Resident discounts”

  1. Shannon Avatar

    Do you anticipate the travel dates for this discount being extended to include the end of June?

    1. Keith Avatar


      Possibly, however, it is pretty rare to see discounts during summer months. Last year was really the first in a long time where there were discounts all summer. I would say about 50% chance we will see discounts that cover the summer months for 2010.

  2. Shannon Avatar

    Thank you so much, this website is really great by the way! 🙂

  3. Shannon Avatar

    Hi all! Those blackout dates are available at a discount now for FL residents!! Check online!

  4. Keith Avatar


    You are correct, and you are also able to check in during the “black-out”period as well, looks like that restriction has been completely removed. Thanks for the notice!

  5. Clinton Avatar

    Thanx for the info. Wow, even with these discounts the price to stay at a Disney Resort is just too much. It’s ridiculous actually. Heres an idea…..Why not have reasonable prices and therefore fill all the rooms? – everybody wins:)

  6. Kelli Avatar

    Isn’t there something like a Disney savings account or something available to input money over a period of time until a vacation is paid for? I wish they did – My son is 13 and he’s never been to disney – I so want to be able to take him before he’s too old. the last time I was there was when Epcot was under construction!! It is so expensive – even for us single aprents with 1 child – I can’t imagine how people with more than one can make it.

    1. Keith Avatar


      Unfortunately not. On any reservation, you can make payments as you go along, but for many people, who only plan a few months out, that really doesn’t help. Maybe set up a special savings account at your bank just for Disney?

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