Disney World Armed Forces Salute Ticket

Travel Dates: January 4 – December 23, 2009

Walt Disney World has just introduced a special Armed Forces Salute Ticket for 2009. Each qualifying Military Service member* will receive a complimentary 5-Day “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Ticket” with Park Hopper and Water Park Fun & More Options included. To receive the FREE ticket, visit any theme park Guest Relations window and show proper ID.

In addition to the free Armed Forces Salute Ticket, up to 5 of their guests can purchase for $99 a Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion (5 Day Base) ticket. Park Hopper or Water Park Fun & More option are available for $25 each (which is 50% off the normal price). Companion tickets may be upgraded to Premium, Annual or Seasonal Passes. Seasonal Pass upgrade requires proof of Florida Residency. Companion tickets may not be upgraded by adding the no expiration option, and you cannot add additional days to the passes.

Companion tickets may be purchased at any Disney World ticket window or guest services. You may also purchase tickets at Shades of Green, located at Walt Disney World or on your base (these two options are tax-free). If you purchase the tickets at Shades of Green or on base, you will receive a voucher that you will trade in once you arrive at a Walt Disney World ticket window.

Armed Forces Salute tickets will expire on 12/23/09 and have no block-out dates. Tickets may be upgraded anytime between January 4th -December 23, 2009 as long as there is usage left on the ticket.

The entire party needs to be present for purchase (Spouse or military dependents can receive the companion discount without the military service member being present as long as they have their military ID). The military service member will need to show ID; Cast Member will ask for their Base’s name, and the State where the base is listed.

This offer is only available once per service member.

*This offer is available to anyone on active duty in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserve, and retired military. Activated members of the National Guard and Reservists must present active duty orders in addition to valid military ID. You must have been active for any length of time between 1/1/08 and 12/23/09. Dept of Defense (CIA, FBI, Secret Service) and Coalition Forces are excluded.

Here is the small print for the tickets:

  • Complimentary “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute” tickets may be obtained only by active or retired U.S. military personnel, including activated members of the National Guard or Reservists (with orders showing active status after Jan. 1, 2008) and active or retired members of the United States Coast Guard. Spouses are not eligible.
  • Complimentary “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute” tickets for admission to the Walt Disney World Resort can be obtained only at participating U.S. military base ticket offices (including at the Shades of Green Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort), or at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows. Military personnel will need to activate those tickets at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows in order to use those tickets (no more than 1 such complimentary ticket per service member will be activated).
  • Please see a participating U.S. military base ticket office for an exchange certificate for the complimentary “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute” ticket for the Disneyland Resort. The exchange certificate will need to be redeemed for such ticket by the active or retired military personnel at a Main Entrance theme park ticket window (maximum of 1 such complimentary ticket per service member).
  • “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets for family members and friends may be purchased only by active or retired U.S. military personnel, including activated members of the National Guard or Reservists (with orders showing active status after Jan. 1, 2008) and active or retired members of the United States Coast Guard (or, in each case, their spouses, but not both).
  • “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets for admission to the Walt Disney World Resort can be purchased only at participating U.S. military base ticket offices (including at the Shades of Green Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort), or at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows. “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets for admission to the Disneyland Resort can be purchased only at participating U.S. military base ticket offices.
  • Military personnel (or their spouses) who purchase “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets for admission to the Walt Disney World Resort for family members and friends will need to activate those tickets at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows in order for those tickets to be used (regardless of where those tickets are purchased). Actual prices for such tickets may be less than prices shown above.
  • Military personnel (or their spouses) who purchase “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets for admission to the Disneyland Resort for family members and friends will receive exchange certificates to be redeemed by such military personnel (or their spouses) for tickets at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows (one ticket per exchange certificate).
  • The military personnel (or spouse) will be required to present valid military identification (which, for activated members of the National Guard or Reservists, also includes orders showing active status after Jan. 1, 2008) for all ticket transactions (including to activate tickets, and/or redeem exchange certificates for tickets, at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows). A valid ID may also be required for admission.
  • “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets are limited to five per service member (regardless of place of purchase and whether purchased by service member or spouse) and all five must be purchased at the same time. Accordingly, no service member (or spouse) will be permitted to activate, and/or to redeem exchange certificates for, more than a total of five “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets for the Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort (regardless of whether activated or exchanged by the service member or spouse).
  • First day of use of “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute” complimentary tickets and “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets at the Disneyland Resort must be no later than June 12, 2009,and tickets expire 13 days after the first day of use or June 25, 2009, whichever occurs first. Last day of use on “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute” complimentary tickets and “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets at the Walt Disney World Resort is Dec. 23, 2009.
  • Tickets must be used by the same person on any and all days. “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute” complimentary tickets may be used only by the service members to whom they are issued. “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets may be used only by the friends and family members for whom they are purchased.
  • This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

139 responses to “Disney World Armed Forces Salute Ticket”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Where do i go to get this ticket here in Oklahoma?

  2. Keith Avatar


    To get the free ticket, you must go to Disney World. You can only get one free ticket during the year, so they make you go to WDW so they can keep track of who has receive a free ticket. The discounted tickets can be purchased on base, or at WDW.

  3. cindi Avatar

    I am little confused…My nephew is stationed at Air Force – Little Rock, AR. We live in Memphis TN – 2 hour commute for a substantial ticket savings – Could he procure vouchers for me, husband and daughter for WDW for use in Nov 09? (ie. would we qualify under the “companion” status?) I understand I would need to go to Little Rock to get the voucher – but would he have to go with us on our trip to WDW to redeem the voucher?

  4. Keith Avatar


    From what I understand, he can purchase companion tickets for you, but they cannot be activated until you get to WDW. It is unclear from the language above if he must be there to activate them, or if you can do that.

    “Military personnel (or their spouses) who purchase “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” tickets for admission to the Walt Disney World Resort for family members and friends will need to activate those tickets at Main Entrance theme park ticket windows in order for those tickets to be used (regardless of where those tickets are purchased).”

    Kind of sounds like he has to be there. It might be worth having him ask on base, they may have further information.

  5. Kristen Olinger Avatar
    Kristen Olinger

    Can the tickets be used on 5 seperate visits or once you use the ticket the first time do you have so much time until the ticket expires?

  6. Tina Avatar

    Can my family and I go to WDW without my active duty husband with these tickets?

  7. Keith Avatar


    My understanding is that they are good until December 23, 2009. You should be able to use them on 5 different visits as long as it is by the expiration date.


    As stated above, as long as you have your military ID, your husband does not need to be there:

    “Spouse or military dependents can receive the companion discount without the military service member being present as long as they have their military ID.”

  8. Debbie Avatar

    I’m confused on the expiration. Above it states that the tickets can be purchased up until December 23, 2009. But in another paragraph it states that the ticket has to be used no later than June 12, 2009 and expires 13 days after first use. Is that perhaps a typo and should be June 12, 2010?

  9. Keith Avatar


    The December 23 date is for Walt Disney World (Florida), the June 12 date is for Disneyland (California). They are both offering tickets.

  10. Cath Avatar

    Is it possible get these tickets along with the Dining Package cost in addition to the ticket price?

  11. Keith Avatar


    Yes. Disney has just released discounted room rates for military members. Along with the discounts, there is an option to add on the dining plan to the room only reservation.

  12. Heather Avatar

    Can we request the discounted room rates for military when we make our reservations via the reservation phone line?

  13. Jill Avatar

    Is this just for Active military or can retired military use it too?

  14. Peggy Avatar

    Are the companion tickets $99 each or can 5 people get tickets for $99 total?

  15. Keith Avatar

    “*This offer is available to anyone on active duty in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserve, and retired military. “

  16. Cindy Grimaldo Avatar
    Cindy Grimaldo

    Is this available in Disneyland, CA also? My son will be returnig to Iraq and we are planning a trip for his wife, myself-mom, stepdad, stepsisters and little brother. Total of one active member, 4 adults, one teen and a toddler

  17. Keith Avatar


    Yes, there are tickets available for Disneyland too:

    Disneyland Armed Forces Salute Tickets

  18. TOM SPARKS Avatar


  19. Keith Avatar


    As mentioned in the post above, the free ticket can only be picked up in person at Disney World. The companion tickets can be purchased on base, at Shades of Green (at WDW) or at a WDW ticket office. They cannot be purchased online.

  20. Justin Avatar


    I’m confused alittle. Disneyland Resort questions.
    It says “During the offer period,active or retired U.S. military personnel also may make a one-time purchase of an adult or child three-day “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” Park Hopper ticket for up to five family members (including spouse) or friends for the price of an adult 1-Day Park Hopper ticket.”

    So does that mean you can buy up to five tickets for the price of a 1 day hopper ticket price?

    Is that correct?


  21. Keith Avatar

    Each military member can purchase up to 5 3-day passes, each pass will cost the equivalent of a one day park hopper.

  22. Kathryn Avatar

    My daughter, who lives in California, was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital and was unable to fly to Florida to visit Disney World with us (her family). Is it possible to exchange the ticket for a Disneyland ticket? Please note that I am a retired military member.

  23. josette Avatar

    i am active duty in the military, my fiance’ is active duty in the military, i have a 8 year old and a 3 year old, he has a 7 year old. so there will be 2 adults and 3 children. how will out discount work out? do we have to pay for 3 tickets at $99 each? we live in Louisiana so how will we go about purchasing our tickets? does the offer in Florida expire in December? i can’t seem to find information as far as the prices and what all is included in this trip (i.e. hotel, meals, transportation,etc.) could you please give me the information?

  24. Erika Avatar

    For the companion tickets, it lists them as 5 day base tickets. When they say base tickets, are they saying you can go to 1 different park per day for 5 days or must it be the same park?

  25. Keith Avatar


    A base ticket gets you access to one Disney park each day, and you have your choice of all four Disney parks each day, but once you enter one of the parks, you can exit and re-enter the park, but not go to a second park in one day. The next morning, everything resets, and you choose again.

  26. sheila ward Avatar
    sheila ward

    Do Canadian Armed Forces apply or just USA?
    My husband is retired from The Canadian Navy.

  27. Keith Avatar


    Currently, the offer is for active or retired U.S. military personnel. It is possible that may change in the future, but for now, US only.

  28. Howard Doty Avatar
    Howard Doty

    It saddens me that this offer does not include National Guardsmen that have been on active duty before the dates listed. Ever member that is in the National Guard supports this country through severe weather, emergencies etc. and war, but are being excluded from this promotion. What an incentive this would be for all our troops.

  29. Brian Venerick Avatar
    Brian Venerick

    Where do I get these tickets in New Jersey? Thank you.

  30. Keith Avatar

    No offense to you personally Brian, but does anyone read the post before asking questions?

    The free tickets can only be picked up at Walt Disney World, in Orlando. They cannot be picked up anywhere else.

    The companion tickets can be purchased on base, at Shades of Green (in Orlando) or at a WDW ticket desk (also in Orlando)

  31. Maisy Avatar

    I read the post in it’s entirety 🙂 I understand exactly where to get the vouchers, and that my husband will have to pick up his free ticket in person at WDW.
    Okay- so here’s my questions:
    Me, and my family (minus my husband the military member) will be arriving to DW a few days before my husband can join us. It sounds like I wouldn’t have a problem getting the companion tickets activated without him there, but will he have a problem getting his free ticket a few days later since it wouldn’t be the same time as we are activating ours?
    #2: If I bought 2 companion tickets, would I be able to use them both for the same person- making it 10-days, rather than 5?
    3# If he brought somone with him, later on in the week, would they be able to activate a companion voucher at that later date?

  32. Loraine Avatar

    I really appreciate all the info you’ve given.
    Are we able to go to go to both parks in the same year? Disneyland in the Spring, and Disney World in the Fall? Thanks.

  33. Ginger Avatar

    My husband was in active duty then went to reserves and retired from reserves a few years back. I assume they are saying only people retired after 20 years of active duty would qualify. Does retiring from reserves count? Or does it have to have been active duty as a reservist within the time frame with orders only?

  34. Tina Stewart Avatar
    Tina Stewart

    Does this special offer also include 100% disabled veterns?

  35. joan Avatar

    what about widows of dceased actie duty? Are they eligible?

  36. jesse Avatar

    do national guardsmen have to present deployment orders (Operation Iraqi Freedom) or just any active duty orders?

  37. Keith Avatar

    I am sorry, for all of you asking if you qualify or not, I cannot answer that. I would hate to tell you that you do, and have you show up at WDW, and not qualify. I just report the news, and I am getting my information from the same thing you are. I would suggest you contact someone within your branch of the military that might know, they will be able to give you a better answer than we can.

  38. Gary Avatar

    I am a National Guardsman, I was on active duty here in the states until 30 Sept 2008 in support of contingency opperations for OIF. Field Reset, refurbishing vehicles that have returned from Iraq and Afghanastan. Would I qualify for this? The wife and I are planning on going there in September. I have orders for the period, It’s a base order from 1 Oct to 31 December 08 and then 3 ammendments extending me to a full year plus a DD 214 for that period.

  39. marcus Avatar

    I am a child of a retired (21 years) member of the Air Force. I still have my Military ID until the age of 23 since I am still in college. I was wondering if I am eligible for a Disneys Armed Forces Salute Ticket (free one)? Also, am I eligible for staying at the Shades of Green.

  40. Erika Avatar

    I have one last question. I am a little confused about the first and last day of use of the tickets. It says for disneyland (california) you must activate by 6-12 and last day of use is 6-25, now with WDW(florida), it says you have until 12-23 for last day of use. Does that mean you can activate these tickets at anytime as long as it’s before 12-23?

  41. Keith Avatar


    For WDW, they are activated once you purchase them, but they expire 12/23. You can buy them anytime between now and 12/23, it is just that 12/23 is the last day you can use them.

  42. Lorraine Avatar

    Are we able to go to go to both parks in the same year?

  43. Mel Avatar

    The Armed Forces Salute Tickets, can we purchase this at the MWR?


  44. Keith Avatar


    The free ticket can only be picked up at Walt Disney World/Disneyland. The companion tickets can be purchased at the parks, or on base (I am assuming that is the MWR).

  45. Christi Avatar

    Five of us are going to Disney World with my brother-in-law, who is currently in the Navy. He will purchase the tickets with us, but can only go to the parks for two days. The rest of us, however, would like to go for the entire 5 days. Will we still be able to get in on the following days without him? Are the passes something you keep throughout your entire trip?
    Thanks for your help!

  46. Betty Avatar

    I do not have a question. It was answered in a previous post 🙂 (that I read before posting lol). I just wanted to thank you for the website and for having the patience of a Saint.

  47. Howard Doty Avatar
    Howard Doty

    Can the 99.00 military tickets and companion tickets be up graded from 5 day passes to more days

  48. Keith Avatar


    The $99 tickets you purchased can be extended to as along as 10 day park passes, additional days are pretty cheap, less than $4 per day. The free ticket cannot be extended.

  49. charles swaney Avatar
    charles swaney

    Does the Armed Forces Salute tickets also include 100% Disabled Veterns ?

  50. Jean Avatar

    100% service connected disabled veterans are included in this promotion. Just make sure the 100% disabled veteran brings his military id card. He/She needs to show that in order to get the tickets.

  51. Sharon Avatar

    What do you you consider retired? Do you have to do the 20 years? Is serving in the military and getting an honorable discharge considered retired? If yes what proof is required to obtain the discount?

  52. Lisa Avatar

    Some help for Keith

    Sharon – Retired is 20+ years with a retired ID card is retired, not just an honorable discharge.
    Marcus – No, you cannot get a free pass if you are the 21 year old child of an active duty soldier with an ID card.
    Christi – Yes, once you have your tickets you can enter the park without the service member (for the family who wants to stay longer).
    Only the serviceman or spouse may PURCHASE and ACTIVATE the tickets and an ID card will be needed to activate them at the gate.

  53. Scott Avatar

    I have read the notice above and have followed through all of the questions listed. I just have a question to clarify the “park Hopper” pass. Park Hopper means that you may enter and leave any/all parks on the same day, if you wish?

    Thanks for all you help on these issues.

  54. Keith Avatar


    Yes, park hopping allows you unlimited access to the four Disney theme parks, you are free to enter and exit all four of them as many times as you want during your days. The park hopper does not give you access to the water parks or Disney Quest, just the four theme parks.

  55. Msalter Avatar

    Sadly my spouse is deployed so we can not take advantage of the Disneyland special with him. He returns in August and the special ends in June. 🙁

  56. LISA Avatar

    My daughter is active military and also her husband can they both purchase 5 family tickets each for 99.00

  57. Danyall Avatar

    I am curious. My husband is military. We are planning a trip to Orlando in April with our 4 kids. Am I correct in reading that it would only be $99 for all of us to go to disney with this discount? And tickets must be purchased at disney? Are good for 13days thereafter? What do they include? I am new to all of this I apologize.

  58. Melissa Avatar


    Just talked to Disney Public Relations. If you are retired National Guard with a retired military id you are eligible for the Armed Forces Salute.

  59. vincent Avatar

    what is armed forces salute. i am retired militry and i world like to know about five day passes and rooms

  60. Veronica Avatar

    from what I understand I can purchase the 99 dollar park hoppper without my husband, but can’t activate it if he is not present with me…Can I use his orders if he is deployed to show. And it is 99 dollars a per person?? Right?

  61. Jose Lopez Avatar
    Jose Lopez

    Is the hopper ticket $25 extra per ticket or $25 per day?

    1. Keith Avatar


      The cost is $25 per ticket, it would cover every day you use the pass.

  62. dzuniga Avatar

    OK folks, I am trying to book a cruise using the Armed forces discount. How the heck or where is the link???????

    1. Keith Avatar

      There is not a link. You must either call a travel agency of Disney Cruise Line directly. Those cruises can only be booked via phone, they are not available on line.

      You can see the latest military cruise discounts here.

  63. Emily Avatar

    Originally ITT wouldn’t said that the free tickets are only for Active Duty Retired and not the Retired Reservist. I called Disneyland and they said it is also for Retired Reservist. So I called ITT and they told me I can pick-up my ticket. I hope I’ll be able to get in : )

  64. JR Avatar

    where can i get information on adding days to the 5 day base ticket?? if we only need to use 3 out of the 5 offered can the last 2 be purchased and used by the same member as additional days??

    1. Keith Avatar


      WDW tickets are not transferrable, all 5 days must be used by the same person.

  65. CM Avatar

    Is this offer available to midshipmen at the US Naval Academy?

  66. Kristin Avatar

    I am a little confused. My fiance is currently active duty Navy. He is going inactive next month. We are going to Disney World in June. Can he still get the free ticket? He will have a military ID, but it will not be active duty at the time that we go. As long as he has the voucher and orders showing he was active after January 09 does he still qualify for the free ticket?

  67. Mary Avatar

    Any chance Disneyland will extend the offer to the end of the year like Disney World?

  68. Keith Avatar


    Sure, always a chance, but we haven’t seen anything yet. I am sure Disneyland is waiting to see how other bookings are going before they decide to extend.

  69. nina Avatar

    my husband is in the national guard was deployed to iraq til may 08. but is no longer active, does he still qualify?

  70. Patti Avatar

    Hi, I would like to know if this offer to DL is being extended for members currently overseas. My husband returns less than a week after the “must be used 13 days after first day used”. I would hate to take the trip without him, and since we are in CA, a trip to FL isnt possible.

  71. Keith Avatar


    There has not been any news of DL extending the promotion. It is always possible, but as of right now, no, no extension.


    Sorry, I cannot answer your question, you will need to contact the issuing office for the tickets, they will let you know if you qualify or not.

  72. Patti Avatar

    Thank you! We will still go and have a blast!! 🙂 Thanks for your very quick response to our many questions 🙂

  73. chalo Avatar

    Can you tell me what military base near los angeles offers the armed forces salute tickets.

  74. Missy Avatar

    Is there someone at Disney World we can contact directly to ask questions? My husband is retired National Guard (20 yrs service + one year in Iraq) and I’d like to confirm if he’s eligible for the Armed Forces Solute Program. I sure would hate to get down there and not be eligible. Thanks!

    1. Keith Avatar


      Not that I am aware of. You may want to call Shades of Green, they will be able to help you.

  75. Aaron Avatar

    Do we really have to go to a base to get an exchange certificate before we go to Disneyland? All the bases that I know of are well out of the way. We can’t just go directly to Disneyland and get in for free?

    1. Keith Avatar


      Yes, for Disneyland, you must go to a base to get an exchange certificate, if you show up at the gate without one, you will not get in.

  76. Jeff Avatar

    I just picked up my tickets today and they clerk told me that I can use them at any times as long as it does not exceed 5 days. Is this true or does it have to be 5 consecutive days? (This is for WDW)

    Thank You

  77. Keith Avatar


    You must use the 5 days before December 23, 2009. The days do not need to be consecutive, though they do expire in December.

  78. Dallin Avatar

    I’m in the Reserves but have my orders and will be going over seas shortly, I’d like to buy the tickets before I take off. But am I eligible beforehand even if I’m taking off in like a week.

    1. Keith Avatar


      As long as you have orders, you are eligible.

  79. Carolina Avatar

    Ok, so here’s my deal. I had seen on a website that this offer only ran upto June 12 for the California Disneyland. Then I heard it’s been extended until September. It also said this was a 3 day pass, not a 5 day. Is it different for each Disneyland or is it the same offer for all places? My husband will be coming home soon and I would love to go with him so any info is greatly appreciated! thanks 🙂

    1. Keith Avatar


      It has been extended to September 30, you can read more here:

      <a href="http://www.mousemisers.com/2009/disneyland-armed-forces-salute-ticket/"Disneyland Armed Forces Salute Tickets

      There is only one Disneyland (California), and one Walt Disney World (Florida), I think you may be confused on that point, which is causing your misunderstanding.

  80. Brandi Avatar

    Just a quick question as all the above were so helpful in answering all of my other questions. It said that the Military member or spouse has to activate the companion tickets at the gate to receive this promotion. Does the Military member/spouse have to actually go in to Disney World? We were planning a trip this summer and my husbands uncle is active duty so we would qualify for companion tickets but he would not be staying with us at Disney..any insight on this??



  81. Jbreezy Avatar

    the disneyland has been extended to Sep 30, 2009

  82. Tammy Cyr Avatar
    Tammy Cyr

    I just got off the phone with A wdw rep and he told me that this offer does not include 100% disabled vets. Bummer!

  83. Tammy Avatar

    I contacted Shades of Green to ask them about eligibility requirements for the tickets.The reponse was—
    “If he has a current military ID with DAV/PRM on it, he qualifies.” Much different from the answer I recieved from the Disney CSR.

  84. karen Avatar

    the 5 day pass for 99.00 is that for differnt park or just only one park.

    1. Keith Avatar


      The 5 day tickets are basic park passes, good for one park per day. You can add on the hopping option, it is $25 per person to add it on the tickets. Same cost to add on the Water Park Fun and more option.

  85. Sheila Avatar

    My father-in-law in an honorably discharge Vietnam Veteran as well as retired (over 20 years) from the reserves. Is he eligible for the Armed Forces Solute program? I have contacted WDW and receive a different response each time I call. I have tried to call Shades of Green but cannot get through. I ran across this sight by accident but it seems really helpful. Thanks!

  86. Keith Avatar


    My understanding is that he would not qualify. I would suggest you keep trying shades of green though, they will know for sure. Their answer is the only one I would really put any stock into.

  87. Sheila Avatar

    I spoke with Shades of Green (twice) and was told both times that he would be eligible if his ID stated “Retired Reserves Indefinite”. I hope this helps someone else.

  88. wayne jones Avatar
    wayne jones

    if a prson is not 100 percent disabled through the service, perhaps 50-60 % could they still get a military pass? if not WHY?

  89. Mrs. James Avatar
    Mrs. James

    I think I understand. The 5 day pass is for WDW park only and the $25 hopper ticket is for the other parks. Is that correct? If so can you please tell me what are the other parks in FL. Thanks so much and thanks for doing this for our military.

    1. Keith Avatar

      The $99 ticket is good for the four Disney theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom). You are limited to one park per day, the hopping allows you to visit more than one of the four theme parks each day.

  90. Linda Avatar

    Hello and thank you for the wealth of information here!! I have a question about WDW around the holidays. I am thinking about Dec. 23 to the 29th. Are there usually any offers around that time? I’ve been told that if we don’t stay in a Disney hotel that we may not be let into the parks, is this true? Thanks for your help!

    1. Keith Avatar


      Rarely do they have discounts around Christmas. There is currently a room only discount that runs through 12/24, but only the nights including 12/24 will be discounted, the others will be at full price.

      Yes, it is true, that time of year, the parks reach capacity often, and are first closed to non-Disney guests, and possibly Disney resort guests, but that rarely happens. It is usually just the Magic Kingdom, but other parks have been known to close as well.

  91. Linda Avatar

    Thanks so much for your help! Would you know how soon the Disney resorts(especially the Value Resorts) book up for the holidays? Thank you again!

  92. Karina Avatar

    Where do I go to get this tickets at the Fort Benning Branch?

  93. Thomas Avatar

    Do you know if six flags offer anything like this for us?

  94. Carrie Avatar

    If you purchase the water parks option for an additional $25, does that mean you get 5 days at the theme parks and another 5 days of water parks or is it just 5 days total that can be divided up between theme parks and water parks?
    We purchased this option for our passes but when I asked this question to two different Disney employees I got two different answers.

  95. Keith Avatar


    The water park entrances have nothing at all to do your theme park entrances. If you go to a water park one day, that does not reduce the number of days you have at the theme parks. You could technically go to the theme parks for 5 days, and then 5 more days to the water parks.

  96. Mary Avatar

    Ok, Keith, you’re not giving correct information. You said on Jan 30 that you can add extra days to the companion pass. It says right in the description that you cannot!

    “Companion tickets may not be upgraded by adding the no expiration option, and you cannot add additional days to the passes.”

  97. Molly Avatar

    Just talked to Shades of Green and Disneyworld guest services and got a different answer about 100% service connected disabled. My husband is from Vietnam service but only has a red/white/blue VA card and disability papers, not a base military ID. They said he is not eligible…is this true?

  98. Keith Avatar


    Shades of Green is owned and run by the military, and are the ones who issue the tickets. What they say goes.

  99. Tammy Avatar

    Hmm,I wonder what the difference is between 100% disabled with a military ID and 100% disabled with a VA card? I would think if you were 100% service related-that would be it.

  100. Dominic Avatar

    I spoke with Shades of Green today. I am in the Air National Guard and I was recently on Active Duty orders earlier this year, for my summer camp and training schools. I asked if that counts and they said it does. All I need is my military ID. Also they said they don’t really check the orders anymore because so many guard and reserves were bringing in like 50 copies of orders and Disney and Shades of Green were just overwhelmed. But they did say to bring them just in case. I am leaving at the end of this month and will let eveyone know how it works out. Good Luck!!

  101. Jerry Avatar

    Just wondering if there is a possibility of this extending into 2010 for those that will not come off of deployment until sometime in late 2009 or early 2010? I know there must be an end-date sometime, but just thought I would ask. Thanks for your help!!

    1. Keith Avatar


      Right now, the end date is December 23, 2009. There has not been any announcement as to whether this will be extended or not. I would not count on it being extended.

  102. Michael Brown Avatar
    Michael Brown

    My brother in law purchased the companion ticket for me in the summer of 09′ and I only used 3 days on my 5 day pass. I am confused as to whether I needed to use all 5 days in the “13 day” expire date above, or if I have until December 23, 09 for the FL parks. Thanks

    1. Keith Avatar


      The military tickets expire December 23, 2009. Does not matter when or how you use the tickets during 2009, you must use them all up by that date, or they expire.

  103. Chris Avatar

    I just want to be clear on the Water Parks & More Option I purchased along side the Companion (5 day) ticket. I plan on going to 1 (or more water parks) on a day I am staying there. I also plan on going to Epcot that night and maybe DisneyQuest later on after the fireworks. Can I do all that in one day? Technically I have 5 days worth of water park admission and they don’t count against theme park admission so….

  104. Keith Avatar


    The Water Park Fun and more options are per VISIT, not per DAY. So, if you do a water park in the morning then Disney Quest at night, that would count as 2 visits.

  105. Mike Avatar

    Molly, posted on 8/31/09…if your husband is 100% he can get a ID card. He will need to carry the paper work to a near by military base and get in contact with DEERS. You should also have a dep. ID also.

  106. Laura Avatar


    My family and I are going to Disney World this year. We have 4 military members purchasing companion tickets. We were wondering, when they receive the voucher to present at the ticket windows from the military base, how are the vouchers identifiable to the military member? Do the vouchers just have names on them, or names and social security numbers?

  107. Amanda Avatar

    My active duty husband bought 5 companion tickets which we used for myself, his parents, and my parents. We only used 4 of the 5 days.

    My cousin is also active duty and lives in FL and bought tickets for his parents and 3 brothers which they used over the summer. 2 of his brothers only used 3 days. One brother came over one day we were there to meet up with us and hid g/f used one of my cousin’s tickets with the leftover days. She said it was the second time she had done so. My active duty cousin wasnt with her either time bc hes currently deployed.

    So my question is can I give my tickets that have 1 day left on them to other people? I know it says nontransferrable, but is that just not enforced?

    1. Keith Avatar


      As with all Disney World tickets, the military tickets are non-transferable. When you used them originally, they would scan your fingers as you entered the parks. Your finger prints are matched with the tickets. If someone else uses them, the prints will not match and the tickets will not work.

  108. Courtney Avatar

    Ok, my friends and I are going to Walt Disney World in Florida in December. I am 20 years old. My dad is retired and is a 100% disabled Army Veteran and is eligable for this package. My question is if we go through our local base to purchase his ticket and our 5 companion tickets, can I with my up to date military id activate our 5 companion tickets at the gate of WDW. My dad is not planning on accompanying us on this trip. I am not trying to use his free ticket. I am just wondering if i can activate me and my 4 friends companion tickets. Thanks!!

  109. danielle Avatar

    I think the fingerprints are only for a “daily” use, meaning that when you use the tickets one day, they scan your fingerprint, and then no one else can use the ticket that day. I used tickets today at EPCOT that other members of my family had previously used in April. I had to put my finger down, but it was fine, and i was admitted. Disney would have to have a massive storage system if they wanted to store those fingerprints forever.

  110. Alejandro Avatar


    My wife and I used this program since she and I are both active duty. My ticket and her ticket were free and my daughter’s and son’s tickets were $125 each plus tax. It was awsome to spend 5 days at Disney World for only $275!! Are there any plans for this promotion to be brought back in 2010? If so, when can we expect to purchase that program again? Thanks from Kabul Afghanistan!

  111. Jess Avatar

    I have the free pass and companion ticket which I used 2 days back in February 2009. I am now going back down this week. My question is on the passes I have it says 02/12/09 to 02/17/09, can I still use the days left before the 23rd?

  112. Keith Avatar


    No word at this point if it will be extended. It is not very likely we will see the offer again for 2010, but we will need to wait and see.


    The tickets were supposed to be non-expiring, and should be good until December 23. You should be fine returning later this month.

  113. Jess Avatar

    Thank You

  114. Alejandro Avatar


    Thanks for the response. Thats not very encouranging for this wonderful program. What about other discounts for military active duty in 2010? Any ideas what Disney may propose. We are planning on going back to Disney in 2010 whether or not there are any discounts as long as I make it back home. Thanks again!

  115. Bob Avatar

    I am an honorably discharged wartime disabled veteran. I did not serve 20 years and I am not 100% disabled, however; I have the scars and the cane. I am a member of the paralyzed american veterans. I have my old miliitary ID that says USNR-R (retired). It is not blue. I have card from the VA that says I am service connected (disabled). I have a copy of my DD-214 as well. Am I elegible for the Armed Forces salute 5 day ticket? If I am not elegible I would like a response by a Disney executive, because if I am not I would like a rational explaination as to why. I could not re-enlist for 20 years because of my injuries. I will also be very hurt and insulted if I can’t enjoy this benefit. Time is almost up so please reply promptly. I would hate to make the trip for nothing. Thank You and happy holidays

    1. Keith Avatar


      The US Military, along with Disney, are the ones who determine who qualifies. I would strongly suggest you contact Shades of Green, the military resort on Disney World property. You can get free/discount tickets there, and they have been helpful in the past on determining if you can qualify or not.

      Shades of Green

  116. Will Avatar

    What about service-connected veterans that do have a veterans card? Are they eligible for this ticket? Thanks!

  117. Will Avatar

    Sorry I should have said a veteran with a service-connected disability of less than 100% (you served time in military and were hurt while you were in and have Veterans or VA card?)

  118. Keith Avatar


    For any eligibility questions, I strongly suggest you contact Shades of Green, they will be able to help you out. The link is right above your comment.

  119. Don Clark Avatar
    Don Clark

    Is there any chance that the “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute – Free Admission for US Military” been extended into 2010??

    1. Keith Avatar


      Yes, it was extended back in December, with a few changes:
      2010 WDW Armed Forces Salute Tickets

  120. sandy Avatar

    my husband has a dd-214 with an honorable discharge , are we eligable for the discount park tickets?

  121. Keith Avatar

    As mentioned before, I cannot nor will not answer questions about qualification. You will need to contact Shades of Green and ask them:


  122. Jefferson Avatar

    What discounts are available for disabled vet at Disney World?

  123. Tiffany Avatar

    I am a military dependent, last year I used the military salute pass, with the water parks and more upgrade, I went to magic kingdom one day, animal kingdom one day, hollywood studios one day, typhoon lagoon one day, and blizzard beach one day, Do I have days left over since it doesnt expire until sept 2012, and if so, for which? Does my dad have to attend with me again, since my cards are already activated? And can I transfer a family members ticket who isnt going to attend to another person/child?

  124. Keith Avatar

    Tiffany – Not really sure, it is going to depend on when you purchased it, used it, etc. I would suggest you call Shades of Green and ask them, they will be able to clear things up for you.

    You can never transfer tickets. When you enter the parks, they link the tickets to your finger prints, so if someone else tries to use the card, it will not match and will not work.

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