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Instant Disney Cruise Discount

Disney Cruise

The best way to get a great savings on your Disney Cruise is to book your cruise while on board. Granted, this does not work for first time cruisers, of those who have already been on the cruise, and don’t have another one planned. However, if you have a Disney Cruise coming up, or happen to be on a Disney Cruise while you are reading this (you lucky ducks), you can take advantage of this great offer. So, what exactly is this great deal, you may be asking?

10% discount off of the prevailing rate for the cruise of your choice. This applies to all staterooms category 4 – 11, so suites and category 12 staterooms do not apply. So, by booking it on board, you save 10% off of what the price would be if you were to book your cruise the day after you get off the cruise.

On board stateroom credit. You will get a $100 onboard credit with every 3 or 4 night cruise, and a $200 credit for every 7 night or longer cruise or land/sea package you book. The credit can be used for any charges made to your stateroom during your cruise, but cannot be used to pay for your cruise itself.

The great thing about booking your Disney cruise on board is that the reservation is very flexible. Once home, you can change your cruise dates, based on availability, and your pricing may change, but you maintain your 10% discount and onboard credit. So, for example, we try to cruise every other Spring with our family, but as of right now, Disney has not released their rates for 2010 yet, so we booked a 7 night cruise for sometime during the Fall of 2009, and we will move our dates once 2010 dates are released, but we have locked in our discount and credit, which should save us over $1,000.

There are a few requirements:

Your cruise must be booked and the deposit paid while you are on the cruise. The deposit is $200 per person for a 3 or 4 night cruise and $250 per person for a 7 night or longer cruise.

The deposits are subject to standard Disney Cruise cancelation. The great thing is that outside of 75 days before your cruise, your deposits are fully refundable, so if you book on board, and then get home and decide you can’t go, you will get your deposit back.

You can still work with your travel agent who booked your original Disney Cruise. Just make sure you check the Travel Agent box when making your reservation. There is not additional cost to you, and you will get the same great service you got the first time around. They are also great help if you need to adjust dates or staterooms.

For most people, you should plan to book an upcoming cruise while on board, and adjust as needed once you are home. If things work out, you end up saving a bunch of money, and if not, you can get all your money back, so it hasn’t cost you anything. Plus, it makes it so much easier to get off the boat knowing you will be coming back soon.

For more information about booking your first Disney Cruise, so you can get on board to get the savings for your second Disney Cruise, contact our fantastic sponsor Mouseketrips.

4 responses to “Instant Disney Cruise Discount”

  1. John Avatar

    What if I am going on a Disney cruise in 2 weeks and I already have a cruise booked for 2012? Can I give them my 2012 reservation number when I’m on board in 2 weeks and they will apply the discount and on-board credit? Or do I need to cancel my reservation and just re-book once I’m on-board


    1. Keith Avatar

      John – The onboard credit/discount is only available on new bookings, they cannot be applied to existing reservations. You can cancel and rebook your reservation onboard, however, it is very likely your price will change (you will have to pay current rates for your 2012 reservation). Make sure your savings is bigger than the price increase before making any changes.

  2. Rick Avatar

    How does booking while on board work with respect to wanting your travel agent as well as using a Disney Rewards VISA? So for a 7 day, is it save 10%, get a $200 stateroom credit, and a Disney Rewards VISA $50 credit, and then whatever your travel agent kicks back?

    1. Keith Avatar

      Rick – When you make your reservation onboard, just let them know you want to use your travel agent again, and they will assign it to them.

      You can’t get the Disney VISA discount too. From the terms on the DisneyRewards website: “Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts and is for personal use only.” So, basically, you can’t get both the onboard credit DCL is offering and the Disney VISA deal.

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