2008 Annual Passholder dining plan offer

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This is technically not a discount, but Disney World has announced a new package for annual passholders that allows them to book a Magic Your Way package, without Disney park passes, and include the Disney Dining plan or deluxe dining plan (you can also include the wine pairing option as well) to their room only reservation.

By adding any of the dining plans, Disney will consider the reservation as a package, so it would be subject to the same payment and cancellation policy of the Magic Your Way packages (must be paid in full 45 days in advance, inside of 45 days, penalties will apply for changes or cancellations).

Depending on availability, you can add the dining plan to a discounted room only reservation that has been discounted with an annual passholder discount, similar to the recently released AP discounts. A valid annual pass is required to add the dining plan to a room only reservation, and it can only be added to a full price room only reservation or a discounted reservation with an AP discount and cannot be applied to any other type of discounted room only reservation (AAA discount, FL resident discount, etc.)

To get more information or to book this Annual Passholder package, please contact our wonderful sponsor Mouseketrips, who specializes in making your Disney vacation special. For travel dates between May 26 and August 2, 2008, make sure you ask for code CSS for the package with Disney Dining or code CSV for a package with the Deluxe Disney Dining plan, and for travel between August 3 and September 27, 2008, ask for code DCU for the package with the Disney Dining or code DCZ for a package with the Deluxe Disney Dining plan!

3 responses to “2008 Annual Passholder dining plan offer”

  1. chottsy Avatar

    i was able to add the DDp to our AP room reservation for Nov. 2008. (actually had to cancel previous reservation and re-book, but no problem. The Cm reminded to keep an eye out in Aug. for the AP room disounts available for Nov. stays. from the article posted here, it comes across as if you are saying that the 2 discounts cannot be used together, & or the AP DDP is not available but only during the Sping travel dates listed.

    i just wanted to let you that you can add the DDP for any travel dates and can use the AP room discounted rates in conjunction with the DDP.

  2. Keith Avatar


    Thanks for the note. The original article was written just minutes after the information was leaked to the public, and even Disney had little information available. The article has been rewritten with the correct information, and how you explain it in your comment is correct. Thanks again!

  3. Monique Avatar

    Is there a discount on the dining plan for Annual Pass holders? I recently read something on another site that was worded such that it sounded like AP holders saved 30% on the either the standard or deluxe dining plan rates. Is this correct? Thanks for any info!

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