2013 Disney Cruises

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Disney Cruise Line announced today partial itineraries for the 2013 cruising season. The Disney Dream was introduced in 2011, and her sister ship, the Disney Fantasy, will come onboard in March, 2012. Currently, only the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy 2013 schedules are available. When information on the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic itineraries becomes available, we will update the information here.

Disney Dream

The Disney Dream will be sailing 3, 4 and 5-night Bahamian cruises out of Port Canaveral during all of 2013. With stops at Nassau and Castaway Cay, the Disney Dream will continue the tradition of excellent family friendly Bahamian cruises.

Disney Fantasy

The Disney Fantasy will sail alternating 7-night Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises out of Port Canaveral during all of 2013, stopping at Destinations such as St. Thomas, Cozumel and Castaway Cay among others.

To insure you get the best price possible, book as early as you can. Bookings for these cruises will open up October 18, 2012.

Disney Cruise has made a flyer available with all 2013 dates for the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, with all itineraries and destinations listed. Please note, it is huge. Download here at your own peril:

2013 Disney Dream and Fantasy Itineraries

Update: January 24, 2012 – Disney Cruise announced the 2013 Disney Cruise itineraries this morning for the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. They will be sailing to Alaska, the Caribbean and Europe among other destinations.


  1. Carol Tennyson says

    You said that the Disney Dream is going to Key West in 2013. Can you tell me the dates for this and how long a cruise this is. This is the cruise I want to take. I already did The Dream this year and going to the Disney Island Castaway Cay is a little overkill. Let’s hope they are going to go to Key Weast and they listened to the cruisers.

  2. Keith says

    Carol – Sorry, my fault, looks like the Dream will not be going to Key West at all during 2013, I was given incorrect information. I wil update the post.

    Wow, I thought all cruisers love Castaway Cay. It is one of the biggest reasons everyone saisl on Disney.

  3. cherryl dejager says

    I booked a Disney cruise for early December [3rd] 2012, I thought Disney cruises were pretty much never discounted. What could you have offered me for a Deck 5 oceanview room with clear balcony? I want to go on a cruise early 2012 also and wondered if you actually have good deals.

  4. Keith says

    Cherryl – We are not a travel agency, we do not book trips/cruises. We just provide discount information for you to use to plan your vacation.

  5. Alisha says

    We are looking to book a 7 day carribean cruise with Disney for 2013. I am looking for some feedback on the best time of year for prices and deals. I would like to get the most for our money. Is it better to book right now with only a $25 onboard credit being offered or should I wait? If I do book a cruise and disney comes out with a deal am I allowed to change even if it would mean another cruise date or would I lose my deposit?
    Thank you for your help!

  6. Keith says

    Alisha – Typically the cheapest time to go is September. Personally, I prefer November – February, better weather, only a bit more expensive.

    Typically, you can apply new deals to your reservation. It is doubtful we will see any deals on the 7 night Caribbean Cruises, the two new ships are super popular, most of 2012 is already sold out. Book now, you can always hope for a better deal, or cancel later on if things don’t work out.

    • Keith says

      Maria – Nope, they do not. The best way to get a deal is to book a new cruise while you are onboard a Disney Cruise, but once you are off, everyone pays the same price.

    • Keith says

      Millie – Nope, none of the Disney ships will sail out of NY or anywhere close during 2013. Disney has not yet announced the 2014 schedule, so we may see them return in the future.

    • Keith says

      Sarah – There are not any Galveston cruises during the summer months. The Magic will be there through the middle of May, then the Wonder returns the end of September, 2013, with nothing in between.

    • Keith says

      Keishla – We have not seen any kind of kids sail free offer since early this Spring, so no, nothing at all for 2013.

      March and April are pretty high season for cruises, it would be very, very rare to see anything during that time.

  7. Ada says

    I was very surprised and disappointed to hear that they were no longer going to be leaving out of NY in 2013. Any idea as to why they decided not to? I live in the area, and do not want to spend money on airfare or time traveling to get to a cruise ship.

  8. Keith says

    Ada – No idea. It could be they didn’t sell as well as they had hoped. It could be that they only had access to the ports for one year. They are going to Europe in 2013, so maybe they decided that was a better option for them as they hadn’t been there in a while.

    Nothing has been announced for 2014, a possibility they may be back then.

  9. Carole Bearden says

    I’m looking for a cruise the week of March 11-15, but not a 7-night cruise, out of Galveston. Does Disney offer anything?

  10. Keith says

    Carole – During the Spring, the only options out of Galveston are 6 or 8 night cruises. They do offer 3 and 4 night cruises out of Port Canaveral, Florida, but not Galveston.

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